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Seamlessly integrate to your eCommerce store to become a successful dropshipping business overnight.
Add Modalyst to your ecommerce plan and start taking your Wix website to the next level.
Install Modalyst's Shopify app in one click to automate dropshipping for your Shopify store.
List thousands of products to your BigCommerce store with a single click..
Peer-to-peer marketplace


Add millions of items to your virtual
storefront with no inventory risk

  •  Curate the best products for dropshipping
  • Import their product information into your Modalyst account

Unlimited Monthly Orders

Customize pricing, variants, and imagery before adding products to your Wix store. Edit product descriptions for optimal SEO performance.

Marketplace of Drop Ship Suppliers

Control your markup, margins, and payment options. Include social media discounts in your ecommerce plan. Regardless of the product, have the flexibility to establish the price you want at payment gateways to make your Wix store a great value for your buyers.

Export Product Information

Track sales from payment gateways to order shipments and delivery. Order and tracking numbers are synced with your Wix store. Have easier function and monitoring of order fulfillment so you can focus on growing your business

Find anything you want for your Wix online store–well-known brands, trendy, affordable items, and cool, niche suppliers. Easily adjust to market trends and update your Wix inventory instantly.

After Wix checkout, suppliers handle shipping and send orders directly to your customers. The easiest way to operate an ecommerce store.