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100 Dropshipping Business Ideas for 2022

Many eCommerce businesses after only a few months fizzle out and never amount to anything special.

There are several reasons why these businesses fail fast, and one of the major culprits is the inability to find profitable products to sell online.

Finding just any kind of product to sell isn’t the hard part.

There are millions of products available in the marketplace. However, it’s not always clear which products are trending or are best sellers. Before you get started with dropshipping it’s important to understand how to find trending products and niches to sell.

Characteristics of Trending Dropshipping Business Ideas in 2022

Hot products

You should stay current with the trends and the products which are winning in the market.

Use Google Trends and real-time social networks like Twitter or Instagram to discover what products are bestsellers.

With that idea, carve out a place for your brand or product offering in the market.

Launch your eCommerce website at the right time to capitalize on the sentiment of consumers in the marketplace.

Products with unique appeal

You have to make sure that the products you sell have unique appeal and are eye-grabbing.  If comparable products are available, consumers will research those products as well. When a consumer does comparison shopping, they will usually buy from the seller with higher ratings and better pricing.

That gives you the advantage with it comes to sourcing the best dropshipping products to sell.

Low visibility in Search Engines

If the product is unique, people will definitely try to search for it.

This means the demand will be high. Many ecommerce store owners will try to introduce the product on their stores. Now, you have to take the lead and start marketing it.

Unavailable in your target market

You should make sure the product is not available in the market you’re targeting.

If the product is available in the market you’re targeting, you’re going to face more competition when you sell it.

Actual price is hard to find  

Ensure that the actual price of the products you are planning to sell is not easily discoverable on Google Search.

Many drop shippers source products from sites like AliExpress and Wish.

To avoid any loss of trust, you should verify that the prices are not easy to find.

How To Find Trending Products To Sell

You should follow these steps to find popular products to sell online:

  • Research product and dropshipping business ideas in Google Trends
  • Find market data to understand the trajectory of the industry and if dropshipping will be worth it
  • Narrow down the product categories to explore based on Google search volume
  • Review blogs and influencers to find topics people are passionate about
  • Use product sales tools such as  JungleScout Sales Estimator

Scope out your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers before spending any money. Look at their prices and inventory levels from day to day to see if they are successful.

When selecting products, keep a narrow focus and identify the sweet spots.

But make sure you have a good mix of low, medium and high price points. Depending on your niche, you might need to have a “loss leader” to bring in customers then upsell them later.

Top Dropshipping Business Ideas on Modalyst

Before you start considering individual products, it’s good to pick a specific niche.

This way, you’ll know what kind of products to look for.

On Modalyst, some of the most successful dropshipping niches are:

  • Women’s clothing
  • Fitness gear & activewear
  • Phone accessories
  • Gadgets
  • Hobby products

Hand-knitted Sofa Blankets

For the majority of people, grabbing a blanket and snuggling up to Netflix is the idea of a great Friday night. It’s no wonder that blankets and ponchos are popular products to sell.

Dropship blankets with Modalyst


Source: Modalyst Marketplace

If you use Modalyst, you’ll even get access to numerous suppliers providing hand knitted blankets.

To find products like this one on Modalyst, please click here:

dropship blankets with Modalyst

Solar Adapters

With the increasing importance of solar energy and renewable resources, solar adapters and similar gadgets can be a great way to attract more customers to your store.

Solar Adapters

Google trends for solar products

You won’t just be doing your part to save the planet; you’ll be improving your profitability, as well. Going green makes for profitable eCommerce!

Greeting Cards

In the digital era, more and more people are turning to paper to preserve the magic of the written word. Greeting cards are definitely making a comeback, and right in time for the holiday season!

Greeting Cards

Source beautiful artworks from independent artists and spread the joy!

Mouse Pads

We can’t really customize the look of our computers, but we can go wild with mouse pads.

The best part is: complementary tech products like mousepads are really cheap to source!

Wall Clocks

There’s nothing like a clock to remind us that we’re late for work. You know the type, white background and black letters.


People want fun clocks and fortunately, wall clocks are one of the best drop shipping products.

Wall Clocks

Aromatic Shaving Soap

Why bother with perfume if you can start your day right with opulent shaving soap?

Aromatic Shaving Soaps

Never underestimate your customers’ desire to smell and, consequently, feel good. It’s time to source aromatic shaving soap for as little as $5 on Modalyst!

Beach Towels

When June rolls around, it’s time to have fun. Summer is the perfect time to source unique beach towels and help your customers show off on the beach.

Beach Towels

You can get high-quality, Turkish cotton beach towels on Modalyst starting from $29.

Leather Journals

Journaling is an incredibly soothing practice. More and more people flock to it in search of some peace and quiet. How are you going to use that need to build a profitable dropshipping business?

By dropshipping beautiful leather journals, of course!


No one can actually pack into a small suitcase, can they?

Stylish backpacks

Everyone needs a sturdy and stylish backpack in their lives; from adventurers who don’t mind camping, to fancy-pantsers who prefer glamping.

Designer Clothing

Reselling designer apparel makes for a really profitable dropshipping business idea.

From Gucci dresses to Versace sneakers, customers are always on the lookout for a great deal.

And with Modalyst, you’ll have access to suppliers with unparalleled discounts!

Designer Apparel

Tea Blouses

There’s nothing that says elegance more than a tea blouse.

From garden parties to a day spent brunching with their friends, your customers are going to need something stylish and unique to wear.

Tea Blouses


Earrings are so easy to ship, reducing your costs, and they provide excellent markup opportunities.


Modalyst’s supplier marketplace is full of vendors with products your customers are going to love! Don’t forget to add these to your store to set your dropshipping business apart from others.


Bowties are making a comeback and we love it!

Your stylish customers are going to love the accessories instantly lifting their outfits; regardless of their gender.

Bowties were made to be worn by everyone.



From fitness and yoga to leisure, leggings are everywhere. They’re comfortable and loved by customers everywhere, making them one of the best products to add to your dropshipping business.


They come in a variety of colors and present a great markup opportunity!

Fitness Sets

Come New Year, everyone will be on the lookout for matching fitness sets they can wear to their first gym sesh.

As an owner of a dropshipping business, you should make use of it by adding a few sports bra & leggings sets to your Modalyst import list.

Fitness Sets

Straw Bags

Straw bags started taking the world by storm in 2017, and they haven’t stopped ever since.

Influencers are proudly posing with them, and your stylish customers will appreciate you giving them the chance to be as trendy as their idols.

Straw Bags

Sports Bras

Fitness apparel is one of the most profitable dropshipping product ideas. Everyone needs to work out every once in a while and they want to do it in style.

Sports bras

With relatively low sourcing costs and plenty of ways to be customized, sports bras are the right product option for your dropshipping business.

Self-Tie Skirts

Speaking of trendy product ideas, self-tie skirts are both stylish and practical.

Self-tie Skirts

They can even tie into your fitness dropshipping business!

When your customers lose weight, they don’t want to lose their clothes. An adjustable self-tie skirt is a great option.


Is it a shirt, is it a corset?

No, it’s a bodysuit!

Bodysuits are the ultimate versatile pieces every woman needs in her closet. Help your customers look more fashionable (and your business become more profitable) by adding bodysuits to your store.

Body Suits

Snapback Hats

Regardless of whether your customers want to go outside without getting sunburnt, or channel their inner bros, snapback hats are a great solution and one of the best dropshipping business ideas out there.

Snapback Hats

Snapback hats are profitable products for your dropshipping business because they’re universally loved (and needed).

Jogger Pants

Joggers no longer even wear jogger pants, but they sure are comfy!

Jogger Pants

When you add a few pairs of jogger pants to your store, you’ll see them flying off the shelves. Everyone wants something comfy and practical!

Two-Piece Sets with Skirts

Ever since Kim K started rocking them, the world has gone crazy for hot two-piece sets with skirts.

Two-piece sets with Skirts

Choose animal prints or solid colors, knowing that all your stylish customers who follow popular influencers will whip out their credit cards in an instant.

Two-Piece Sets with Pants

For all of your customers that don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, offer them the best of both worlds with two-piece sets with pants. Two-piece Sets with Pants

On Modalyst, two-piece sets with pants start at $29, giving you ample markup opportunity. Your dropshipping business will be profitable in a second!

Bodysuits for Kiddos

Stylish mommas want their kiddos to be stylish, too! Fortunately, you can both improve families’ style scores and your dropshipping profitability by selling infant bodysuits.

Bodysuits for kids

You don’t even have to worry about communicating with vendors; it’s all so simple on Modalyst!

Peaceful Jewelry

In these fast-paced times, your customers want a reminder that things will calm down. Why not provide it with beautiful jewelry reminding them of ocean waves and cotton candy skies? Jewelry is one of those dropshipping business ideas that always stands the test of time.

Peaceful Jewelry for dropshipping business

Puppy Care Products

Everyone has a soft spot for the furrier members of their family. Dog owners are passionate about providing their pets with the best care products, including herbal shampoos.

Puppy care products for dropshipping business

Give your customers a chance to spoil their pets rotten!

Elegant Scarves

A scarf is the perfect addition to every outfit, casual and glamorous alike.

And with the majority of customers being more likely to whip out their credit cards for an accessory than a full-blown clothing item, scarves are great products for your dropshipping business.

Elegant Scarves for Dropshipping Business


Which woman hasn’t spent her Friday night shopping for new clothes that will help her be the boss lady she wants to become?

Dresses for Dropshipping Business

Clothing shapes the way we perceive ourselves, and it has the power to improve your customers’ lives (while improving your revenue). Selling clothes is one of the most versatile, evergreen dropshipping business ideas we can think of to get started with.


When we were kids, getting socks as a present was the worst thing. But as we grew older, socks became the best possible gift.

Socks for Dropshipping Business

From zebra-striped to dotted socks, you can’t go wrong with selling products that keep your customers’ feet warm. And since they’re cheap to source, socks provide a great markup opportunity for your dropshipping business.

Warm and Cozy Jackets

People may be able to tolerate discomfort in summer but during the winter, staying warm (and stylish) is a priority.

Warm Jackets for Dropshipping Business

Parkas are a great, profitable dropshipping business idea and product choice since they’re indispensable. And if they’re stylish at that, you’ll have struck gold!

Complete Hedonism

The money isn’t just about selling practical products. Gifts are a great way to attract a lot more customers to your website.

Whiskey Glasses for Dropshipping Business

This whiskey glass & ice cube set is a great gift for the hedonists in your customers’ lives.

Charging on the Go

We’re all using our phones more than ever, your customers included. So when the battery runs low, wouldn’t it be great to charge it on the go?

Tech Products for Dropshipping Business

Practical tech products such as this bag that comes equipped with a charger are absolute winners in 2022!


Gifts, treats, or just indispensable items to enhance an outfit… Necklaces can be used in every situation. It’s time to add them to your product list.

Necklaces for Dropshipping Business

With a significantly lower price point and the ability to make or break an outfit, necklaces are extremely profitable eCommerce products.

BB Creams

You don’t have to have anything in your makeup bag, but you’ve got to have a BB cream.

Unfortunately, finding the right one is pretty hard.

Chances are, your customers have often wanted to buy a BB cream that wasn’t readily available in their local department stores. Cue, dropshipping popular cosmetics.

Facial Creams for dropshipping business

Wireless Speakers

Life is better with music.

Wireless speakers for dropshipping business

Portable wireless speakers are one of the most profitable dropshipping products today. As tech gadgets, they’re absolutely indispensable to any store that wants to attract a millennial or younger audience.

Extravagant Jumpsuits

With the holiday season approaching -isn’t it always approaching?, your customers will be looking for the perfect outfits to spend their Christmas and New Year’s Eve in.

Jumpsuits for dropshipping business

Jumpsuits are an exquisite choice; timeless and elegant for your customers, and profitable for your dropshipping store.

Sweater Weather

Everyone needs a comfy sweater. If you’re selling apparel, it’ll be a perfect fit for your ecommerce store. If you can also incorporate some brand identity to it, you’ll have plenty of new customers looking for your products.

Sweaters for dropshipping business

Facial Oils

There’s nothing that says “treat yourself, you deserved it” like an aromatic facial oil. Adding these products to your health & beauty store can go a long way towards increasing your profitability!

Facial Oils for dropshipping business


Products like pajamas are always profitable; everyone needs them. A comfy pajama or onesie to wear at home is going to be the perfect product for your customers to put in their carts.

Pajamas for dropshipping business


Headbands aren’t just stylish; they’re in demand.

Head band for dropshipping business

Accessories, which are always at a lower price point and thus more likely to be purchased, are a great dropshipping business option if you’re selling to a female audience.

Plus Size Apparel

There’s a serious shortage of cute plus size clothing on the racks of high-street brands.

Plus size leggings for dropshipping business

Fortunately, women and men looking for stunning clothes in their size make up for a significant portion of all our audiences.


From briefs to seductive lingerie, intimates are always in demand.

Intimates for dropshipping business

Since we love knowing that we’re wearing cute underwear under amazing outfits, intimates are a must for any dropshipping store that sells clothing.

Faux Leather Clothing

Leather looks stunning on everyone. And even if a lot of contemporary consumers don’t want to wear real leather, faux leather items are a great solution.

Faux Leather Clothing for dropshipping business

If you want to create an extravagant brand, add faux leather pieces to your Modalyst import list.

Cute Workout Shirts

Support your customers’ upcoming or current New Year resolutions (who are we kidding, aren’t resolutions an all year round thing?) by offering them a wide selection of cute and funny gym shirts. Everyone’s on the lookout for great fitness gear, so why not add a few select pieces to your store?

Workout shirts for dropshipping business

Signature Pieces

Increase your store’s exclusivity by shopping for the most unique products. Signature pieces like extravagant dresses or even statement necklaces are one of the best dropshipping ideas.

Signature pieces for dropshipping business

Party Dresses

Some of the most successful dropshipping brands have been built on providing stellar clothing for special occasions.

Party Dresses for Dropshipping Business

From proms and weddings to nights out and New Year’s Eves, your customers will recommend your store to all of their friends!

Puma Products

Puma is one of the best known sports brands out there.

And just because you’re dropshipping doesn’t mean you can’t source products from name brands.

Puma products for dropshipping business

With Modalyst, you’ll get access to dropshipping business ideas including name brands like Puma, Gucci, and many more.

Embroidered Items

Embroidered items always come with an aura of luxury, and your customers are craving it. Add a few signature pieces to your store; it’s profitable eCommerce like no other!

Embroidered products for dropshipping business


Finding the right fit is the dream. Help your customers choose a pair of jeans that fit in all the right places, and wow with their design.

Jeans for dropshipping business

From trousers to jean jackets and more, you can find plenty of profitable products on Modalyst.

Timeless Ruffles

If you’re selling trendy pieces, you should absolutely add clothing with ruffles to your list.

They’re both feminine and elegant, and present a great markup chance when you source exclusive products.

Ruffle dress for dropshipping business

Elegant Coats

Our customers are always looking for elegant coats – wether something warmer for the winter, or something lighter for spring and autumn mornings and evenings.

Elegant coats for dropshipping business

Browse Modalyst’s selection of coats and find the best dropshipping business ideas for your store!


It’s so hard to find an elegant suit that fits. Help your customers by expanding your selection and including suits from well-known brands such as Manuel Ritz.

Mens suits for dropshipping business


Knitwear is both comfortable and stylish, your customers will always be on the lookout for the best pieces.

Knitwear for dropshipping business


Gowns never go out of style; every woman has at least one to wear, should she be whisked off to Monaco by a prince. Help your customers live the fantasy with this elegant dropshipping business idea!

Gowns for dropshipping business


Hoodies are the perfect choice for improving your store’s offer. They’re versatile and, what’s even more important, a profitable business idea.

Hoodies for dropshipping business

Maxi Dresses

Help your customers channel their inner influencers with boho, chic, and romantic maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses for dropshipping business

Hair Growth Oils

No one wants to say goodbye to their mane. Build up a profitable business by dropshipping the much needed hair care products.

Hair Growth Oils for dropshipping business


Speaking of beauty (and who isn’t speaking about it?), chapsticks are great dropshipping products. They’re cheap to source, and easy to profit from.

Chapsticks for dropshipping business

Browse the selection of health & beauty products on Modalyst.

Oxford Shoes

Perfect for rain and shine alike, Oxford shoes are going to find places in the closets of your customers. The only question is: will you be the one making money from it?

Oxford shoes for dropshipping business

Men’s Watches

No one really knows what to get their significant other when it’s his birthday. But a watch is a timeless gift. Expand your assortment with a few elegant, manly watches.

Mens watches for dropshipping business


The world has gone culotte-crazy, and for a good reason. These pants are versatile, both practical and elegant.

Culottes for dropshipping business

If you’re serving a female audience, make sure you add culottes to your Modalyst import list and differentiate your dropshipping business!

Fashionable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the best ideas for your dropshipping business. Help your customers protect their eyes, and stay stylish as they do it.

fashionable sunglasses for dropshipping business

They also provide an excellent markup opportunity!

Silk Pashminas

If you want to brand your eCommerce store as luxurious, look no further than pashminas. With classic design and extravagant silk blend materials, your customers will go go-go for them!

Silk pashminas for dropshipping business

All Lace Everything

Not only is lace romantic, but it also looks good on everyone. Regardless of your customers’ style preferences, a lacey piece will be the much-needed addition to their closets.

Lace products for dropshipping business


Rings don’t just look good, they’re also significantly cheaper to source than any other jewelry. Choose from a variety of stunning options on Modalyst!

Rings for dropshipping business

Tiger Eye

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful gemstone recognized for its symbolism. Enhance your customer’s courage and willpower by offering beautiful tiger’s eye jewelry.

Tiger eye jewelry for dropshipping business


Beanies are perfect products for customers who prize comfort and casual elegance. Choose from a variety of customizable designs on Modalyst.

Beanies for dropshipping business

Burberry Items

Branded items are a great opportunity to earn extra revenue for your dropshipping store. Find some of the most elegant Burberry designs straight out of London!

Burberry items for dropshipping business

Mini Dresses

Every woman needs a mini in her wardrobe.

If you’re running a fashion store, make sure you add them to your product list.

Mini dresses for dropshipping business

Midi Dresses

Mini, midi and maxi are all perfect variants of every woman’s favorite pieces of clothing: dresses. And if you’re hoping to attract a stylish female audience, make sure you add them to your dropshipping ideas.midi dresses for dropshipping

Pocket Squares

Accessories are extremely profitable dropshipping product ideas, but they’re not only meant for women.

Elegant men will love customized pocket squares made in the US. And the best part is that you can source them at a great price on Modalyst.

Pocket Squares for dropshipping business

Bags for Men

We’re all carrying too much stuff around. However, men need a bag that shows off both their manliness and their practical nature.

Mens Bags for drosphipping business

Find the perfect products to dropship on Modalyst.

Foldable Solar Panels

Renewable resources are the future.

Solar panels for dropshipping business

A lot of people want to go green, even if they’re living in small houses or rented apartments. This is what makes foldable solar panels a great dropshipping idea.

Smart Watch Straps

A smart watch becomes even smarter with an elegant strap. It also makes for a smart dropshipping business idea – sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Smart watches for dropshipping business

First-Class Mascara

Another profitable eCommerce product is certainly mascara. With plenty of options, customers are always on the lookout for the next best product. Be the store owner who gives it to them.

Mascara for dropshipping business


Blazers are the perfect addition to almost every outfit; elegant and casual alike. Modalyst vendors offer plenty of options for even the pickiest of customers.

Blazers for dropshipping business

Retro Garments

In an age where furry sandals exist, some customers just want a blast from the past. Integrate 70s, 80s and 90s inspired products and collections in your store offering, and watch your profitability increase!

Retro clothing products for dropshipping business

Wireless Headphones

Who wants to put a pause on their favorite song just because they’re going out? Wireless headphones are a great choice for techies and regular customers alike!

Wireless headphones for dropshipping business

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Renowned for their healing and calming properties, Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to your health & beauty store.

Himalayan lamps for dropshipping business

Top & Bottoms Sets for Kids

Getting kids dressed properly can be a nightmare.

Make sure your customers’ tykes are stylish and comfortable with top and bottom sets for kids.

Kids clothing for dropshipping business

Natural Body Mists

There’s nothing like a drop of lavender to instantly calm down even the buzziest minds.

Help your customers unwind with serene body mists.

Body Mists for dropshipping business

Beard Oil

Beards are back in style and with them come the products necessary to make them look good.

Among other products, you’ll find some of the best beard oils for your stylish male customers on Modalyst.

Beard oil for dropshipping business

Solar Panels

Speaking of going green, more and more people are thinking about installing solar panels.

And the best part is: no one expects them to be cheap.

Solar Panels for dropshipping business

However, you (as the store owner) can source 100W panels for as little as $72. The rest of the profits are all yours.

Elegant Boots

What is better than Oxford shoes and ankle boots? Oxford ankle boots!

Endlessly classic and timeless, they’re a great addition to the closets of female and male customers alike, making them a great dropshipping product idea.

Mens boots for dropshipping business

Skincare Collections

Your customers’ skin withstands so much. Why not give it a little love by helping them buy incredible skincare products?

Skincare products for dropshipping business

Byronic Velvet

There’s nothing that says “luxury” as much as velvet does.

Velvet products for dropshipping business

The products made out of velvet are flying off the shelves in high street stores and online stores alike. Why not capitalize on this with your store?

Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is one of the most popular casual brands for customers that want to wear the best Italian fashion has to offer, even when they’re grocery shopping.

Armani Jeans for dropshipping business

Men’s Grooming Kits

It’s men’s time to shine.

Equally passionate about aesthetics, the manlier parts of our society are constantly on the lookout for grooming kits that suit their style and their skin.

grooming kits for dropshipping business


Boho is the new chic.

Help all those potential customers looking for ways to emulate their favorite influencers’ aesthetics with effortlessly elegant kimonos.

kimonos for dropshipping business


Vases are the perfect additions to your customers’ homes, and they provide an excellent markup opportunity!

Vases for dropshipping business

Pugs & Mugs

There’s no gift better than a cute mug. Bonus points if it’s with a pug!

Pet products for dropshipping business

Bag Straps

Women can’t part from their favorite bags.

Unfortunately, bag straps are prone to breaking apart from the wear and tear.

Bag strap for dropshipping business

Add stylish bag strap options to your store; on Modalyst, you can even get Fendi bag straps for your fashionista customers!

Bath Bombs

There’s nothing like coming home and sliding into a bath smelling like your favorite aromas.

Add bath bombs to your offer, and you’ll instantly increase the potential profitability of your store!

bath bombs for dropshipping business

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have always been fun, but they’re all the rage nowadays.

They’re really cheap to source, and they’ll fly off your virtual shelves!

temporary tattoos for dropshipping business

Vanity Products

Sometimes, your customers just want to flaunt their lifestyle.

Give them the opportunity to do so tastefully, with this dropshipping business idea they’ll love forever. Vanity products for dropshipping business

Regal Wear

If you’re catering to an audience that loves looking like they came straight out of a movie, you’ll love the selection of exclusive European dropshipping products on Modalyst.

Regal Wear for Dropshipping Business

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Get ready for pumpkin season! Stock up on pumpkin-spiced candles, and help your customers create the perfect autumnal fantasy, or just get that halloween feeling all year round.

Sugar Spice for Dropshipping Business

Messenger Bags

There’s nothing that says “I’ve got places to be” like a messenger bag.

Messenger bags for dropshipping business

They’re customer favorites, and they’ll increase the profitability of your store in an instant.

Beauty Blenders

Finally, if you want to source a cheap product and get a great markup opportunity to jumpstart your success, look no further.

Beauty blenders are the key to a great dropshipping business idea.

Beauty Blenders for dropshipping business

From makeup artists to women wanting to emulate them, beauty blenders are everything you need to increase your profitability.

Browse the selection on Modalyst and start sourcing products for free.e

What Is Dropshipping: Your Most Important Questions Answered

Starting a dropshipping business is one of the first steps for budding entrepreneurs because it’s an easy way to enter the online commerce sector.

While the principle of dropshipping is simple — you don’t need to pay for inventory before selling it — many people are confused about many aspects of starting an online dropshipping store. 

If you’re interested in the dropshipping business model and are tinkering with the idea of running your eCommerce business without any significant startup capital, this dropshipping FAQ will answer all the questions you might have about this popular business model. 

Dropshipping for Beginners FAQs

1. What is dropshipping and how does it work?

2. What are the benefits of dropshipping?

3. Is dropshipping legal?

4. Is dropshipping a profitable business model?

5. Is it necessary to have a registered business for dropshipping?

6. How much money can you make dropshipping?

7. What are some common issues with dropshipping?

8. Is fraud something to worry about with dropshipping?

9. How to make sure the dropshipping products customers order are in stock?

10. How to find dropshipping suppliers?

11. Why start dropshipping with Modalyst?

12. What kind of products are available through Modalyst?

13. What are the main benefits of using Modalyst for dropshipping?

14. What platforms does Modalyst integrate with?

15. How much does it cost to start dropshipping with Modalyst?

16. Is Modalyst customer support good?

1. What is Dropshipping and how does it Work?

To put it simply, dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t require a store to keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the online retailer purchases the products from a third party supplier and has it shipped to the customer, but only after the customer has made a purchase. This means that the store owner never handles the actual product. 

The dropshipping business model works based on having a low start-up cost, and it eliminates the risks and costs of holding inventory completely. This doesn’t mean that it’s an easy business to succeed in, as it still requires day-to-day management. It is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be quite profitable with hard work. 

Drop shipping comes with lots of challenges as well, ranging from dealing with stocks to screening orders to avoid credit card fraud, but overall, it’s one of the easiest ways to launch an ecommerce store that can become profitable over time. 

2. What are the Benefits of Dropshipping?

One of the key benefits of drop shipping is that the store owner doesn’t have to pay for the product until the customer pays, which means that they don’t risk buying products that won’t sell. Because of the low investment required to start a dropshipping business, this is a business model suitable for novices who want to run their own online store.

Another benefit of drop shipping is that the seller doesn’t get involved with the physical process of packaging and shipping products. That is one of the most tedious parts of selling products online, but sellers essentially outsource it to someone else. Dropshipping companies are more often than not large companies that deal with thousands of orders a day, which means they have negotiated shipping rates that are much lower than a small seller can get. 

Yes, dropshipping is a completely legal business, but there are, of course several elements you need to take account before starting. It’s crucial to pick a reliable supplier, as you would be liable for sales if the supplier sells a counterfeit product. Those who are dropshipping on Amazon or eBay risk having their accounts banned for selling counterfeit products, and it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to recover from that. 

Many people ask if they need to inform the buyers that they are doing dropshipping. The answer is no — there is no legal requirement to do so, as long as the customer receives the product as described. Dropshipping is perfectly legal, and by choosing to work only with reputable suppliers, sellers can avoid possibly emerging issues. 

4. Is Dropshipping a Profitable Business Model? 

Digital entrepreneurs often ask whether dropshipping is still a profitable business in 2020. It is still possible to earn a decent income from dropshipping, but sellers should keep in mind that it’s not generally possible to make lots of money in a short period. For dropshipping to be profitable, sellers need to invest time, money, and effort. As a rule of thumb, focusing on a profitable niche can make a new dropshipping store successful quicker. 

5. Is it Necessary to Have a Registered Business for Dropshipping?

This depends on the country where you live, but generally, you do need to register your business once you start making sales. Most payment providers, including PayPal, require proof of a registered company once you start making consistent sales. The rules for obtaining business licenses vary from one country to another. In the U.S., for example, the process is rather straightforward, and you can do everything online.

6. How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping?

This is not a question with a straightforward answer, as it all depends on the niche you pick, the number of visitors you can drive to your website, and your profit margin. The good news is that there are no limits on profits when dropshipping, with some sellers making full-time incomes and others managing to earn six-figure incomes from dropshipping.

7. What Are Some Common Issues with Dropshipping?

Since retailers have no control over stocks and shipments, problems are bound to arise with the dropshipping process. Some of the most common issues are related to items being out of stock, delays with the processing of orders, wrong item or quantity sent to the customer, and items arriving damaged.

Most of these issues are the same regular online stores with their own stocks have, but when you’re dropshipping, handling them is often more difficult. To protect your business and solve any issues for your customers in a timely manner, it’s essential to keep good records of all orders, shipping addresses, and learn everything there is to know about your dropshipper’s return policies. It’s also a good idea to offer customers discounts for future orders when a mistake occurred with their order. 

8. Is Fraud Something to Worry About with Dropshipping?

As with any online business, credit card fraud is just part of life, and the dropshipping business is not different. The good news is that there are lots of ways to protect a business with basic security measures and, as such, reduce the risk of fraud considerably. Using a gateway service for card processing is always recommended, as this allows the verification of the billing address of the customer so it matches the one on file with the bank. Screening orders with different billing and shipping addresses is another important step to protect against fraud, especially in the case of very large orders. 

9. How to Make Sure the Products Customers Order are in Stock?

Stocks are one of the major challenges of dropshipping, as it is rather difficult to determine if a product is available without actually having access to stock information in a warehouse. Ordering a product only to find out later it is not actually available makes for a very poor customer experience, and it’s not something that bodes well for any business. 

The good news is that sellers who choose to work with reputable dropshippers often have access to real-time inventory feeds. These make it easy to sync the products on the website with the actual stocks available in the warehouses of the dropshipper. If that is not possible, the second-best strategy is to work with multiple suppliers who can provide the same products. As such, if a product is not available in the warehouse of one supplier, chances are the second one will have it. This is not a fail-proof method, but it reduces the chances of having disappointed customers. 

10. How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers?

One of the most important steps to growing a successful dropshipping business is finding reputable drop ship suppliers. While there are thousands of drop shipping suppliers out there, it’s actually not that easy to find certified ones that are not going to cause too much trouble when it comes to fulfilling orders and accepting returns. 

To find the right supplier for a business, it’s essential to understand the distribution channels for the particular dropshipping industry you’re interested in. The main types of wholesalers used for dropshipping include manufacturers, importers and exclusive distributors, and regional wholesalers. 

Those who are just starting may want to look at smaller retailers. Still, it’s also possible to make a good profit by using a bigger wholesaler such as AliExpress from the beginning. No matter which route you choose, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with manufacturers directly for a list of distributors they prefer to work with. 

11. Why Start a Dropshipping Business with Modalyst?

Modalyst is a classic dropshipping service that both beginners and seasoned sellers can use to connect with verified suppliers. The role of the platform is to route orders automatically and notify suppliers about incoming orders. This means that the process is automated as much as possible, and Modalyst also facilitates the communication between the seller and the supplier. 

12. What Kinds of Products are Available Through Modalyst?

The product choice is one of the main strengths of Modalyst, and some of the products available through the platform include shoes, apparel, bags, furniture, electronics, and many others. The platform has a focus on U.S. and European-based suppliers, but also connects business owners to millions of dropship products on AliExpress through its official partnership with Alibaba. No matter what your dropshipping business idea, Modalyst has a wide range of products to make it a reality.

Modalyst is also a goldmine for retailers looking for on-trend products and the best dropshipping products for their store. The platform features a catalog of tens of thousands of trendy fashion products that are guaranteed to reach customers in the U.S. within a week. Products in this section are stored in warehouses in the U.S. and Europe, and they are ready for immediate shipping.

A wide selection of luxury products is also available at wholesale pricing, so ecommerce businesses in this niche can benefit from fast shipping of up to four business to the U.S. and quick worldwide shipping as well. 

13. What Are the Main Benefits of Using Modalyst for Dropshipping?

Besides the wide range of products available via Modalyst, there are several other benefits of using this platform. Modalyst is the perfect choice for online retailers who want to target European and American clients because of the quick delivery times. 

Dropshipping platforms that work with Chinese suppliers may have shipping times of up to eight weeks, and sometimes they use non-trackable shipments. As such, it’s difficult for store owners to know if the client has actually received the products. With Modalyst, the fast shipping times and tracked shipments mean that if something goes wrong, the clients don’t have to wait for another month for their returns to be processed. 

14. What Platforms Does Modalyst Integrate With?

Modalyst integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. Users automate most aspects of the business, from inventory data and orders to customer notifications about the status of their order. Modalyst connects directly to the user’s store, and with the dedicated Shopify App, Wix App and BigCommerce App, it allows users to add products to the store with just one click. This makes it easy for anyone with an ecommerce business to start dropshipping.

15. How Much Does It Cost to Start Dropshipping With Modalyst?

There are three different pricing plans available, and each of them has both monthly and yearly options. Users can easily start their dropshipping adventure for free by opting for the Hobby Plan, which is $0/month, and allows users to add 25 products to their store. There is a 5% transaction fee in place on the value of the orders. 

Sellers who need to add more products may opt for the Start-up Plan, which has the same 5% transaction fee but allows users to add 250 products to their store. The price of this intermediate plan is $35/month.

Finally, sellers who want to go all-in may opt for the Pro Plan, which costs $90/month and lets users add unlimited products from all marketplaces to their stores.

16. Is Modalyst Customer Support Good?

Modalyst offers users a comprehensive FAQ section, and users can easily find answers to most of their questions about the platform via the help center. All the help sections on the website are easy to understand, and it only takes a couple of clicks to find the answer to most questions. 

If the question is more specific and not addressed in the help center, users can get live chat support, which is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, or send an email. Most emails get an answer within 24 hours. 

If you’re planning a dropshipping store, you need to be as informed as possible to succeed. The answers to the most asked dropshipping questions above can help you get started with your dropshipping business. Avoiding dropshipping problems is not always easy, particularly as a beginner, but being well-informed is the first step to success. 

How to Prepare Your Dropshipping Store for the Holidays 2022

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and holiday dropshipping professionals are gearing up for the 2022 season. Gifts, decorations, and other goodies are readily available online, which means that it’s the biggest time of year for e-commerce sites to grab a sizeable portion of budget share.

Most holiday shopping efforts begin after Thanksgiving for most consumers. In fact, America has an entire weekend blacked out for shopping: Black Friday, Small Business Sunday, and Cyber Monday. However, the dropshipping holiday season starts much earlier for store managers.

Gain the Upper Hand with Early Preparation

Retailers tend to offer their best deals of the year during this time. Successful campaigns generate revenue, clear out old inventory, and establish brand awareness with customers.

As competition increases, stores are preparing themselves earlier every year. While some people hem and haw at the thought, it really gives holiday dropshippers the chance to gain the upper hand with thorough planning at the start.

5 Tips for Prepping Your Store for the Holiday Season

So, if you are thinking about how your store is going to prepare for the dropshipping holiday season, then it’s time to get started. Time is upon us, friends!

What should you do to prepare your store for the holiday rush? Here are a few things you can do to guarantee a profitable and merry shopping season for you and your customers:

1. Develop a Strategic Promotion and Advertising Plan

Before launching a campaign to promote your e-commerce store, it’s critical to your success that you strategize and outline how you are going to accomplish your goals. While it sounds like the last thing you may want to do, online stores, whose owner’s run them as a business, tend to be more successful than those who don’t.

Here are a few decisions to make before crafting your actual advertising message:

  1. The holidays in which you’ll promote your products or services
  2. Your target audience based on your offerings
  3. Type of holiday special or sale offered
  4. When you are going to launch your campaign

After drafting the strategic marketing communications plan for your online store, it’s time to start executing your ideas. Don’t wait too late, or you may not be able to find the people and resources to assist you in promoting your store.

2. Coordinate with Your Suppliers Far in Advance

It isn’t just your store that’s preparing. Suppliers and manufacturers are gearing up for the season as well. Most suppliers want to fulfill your order needs and can usually forecast what they’ll need to keep their customers well-stocked.

But it never hurts to cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Contacting your suppliers is a great way to ensure that you have enough material and product to maximize your sales over the most significant shopping quarter of the year. This action is especially vital if you are ordering more than usual.

You never know what’s coming down the pike of dropshipping and things can go wrong all the time. You don’t want missing components or items to put the kibosh on your joy. Give yourself peace of mind by contacting your suppliers to ensure they have enough.

3. Consider Working with a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Firm

As an e-commerce store owner, you know how critical transportation and delivery logistics is to your organization. From the warehouse to tracking deliveries, it can be a nightmare trying to manage it all.

If anxiety and a high-level of doubt set in after thinking about shipping, you may want to consider working with a third-party logistics (3PL) firm to take over warehousing and order fulfillment. While it’s an added expense, nothing can amount to the losses felt through customer shipment failures.

Working with a 3PL allows you to focus on managing your store while they fulfill, process, and deliver orders. It takes a ton of stress off your plate.

Keep in mind that instead of your supplies warehoused at its typical location, it now has to go to the 3PL warehouse for order fulfillment. This option may not work for everyone depending upon your geographic location and industry.

4. Communicate with Your Customers Throughout the Entire Shipping Process

Customers obsess over their items in transit. Understandably so. They want to know if their items are:

  • delivered on time
  • in good condition
  • in the requested quantities
  • able to be returned in the event of dissatisfaction

The most successful e-commerce store reduce this cognitive dissonance by communicating with customers about shipping before they make the purchase and then offering reassurance while the packages are going through the supply chain.

Be sure to point out things like:

  • your shipping timeframe guarantees
  • terms and conditions of payment
  • slowdowns or bottlenecks in production

In this situation, it is better to overcommunicate. Not in an unproductive way, but in a manner that reassures your buyers. They’ll remember how easy—or not easy—the shipping process was for their next purchase.

5. Avoid Making Non-Essential Website Changes During the Holiday Season

While it may sound like a great idea to refresh or rebuild your site for the holidays, we are going to advise holding off doing so. It’s a process that is rife with problems, not to mention the added stress of developing a new store while preparing for the busiest time of the year.

Plus, it’s possible for your website to go down entirely if something doesn’t function as expected. People code websites, but they also make mistakes. Allowing the process to unfold at a different time of the year is far less stressful.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your site whatsoever. After all, you need to create adds, promotions, and list new products. Just avoid any non-essential website changes during this time.

Final Thoughts and Considerations on Holiday Dropshipping Preparation

The biggest takeaway from this article is this: you have an opportunity to make a ton of revenue over the holidays. However, maximizing your chances means preparing your holiday dropshipping store well in advance of the holiday season.

How are you going to make it happen? Comment below with your top tips for a smoother dropshipping holiday season experience.