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Dropshipping Features

Worldwide suppliers, vendors, and brands use Modalyst to connect with online retailers and increase their distribution into specialty stores around the world. Become a Modalyst supplier and see how fast your brand grows.
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Modalyst Suppliers Earn More
Modalyst automates dropshipping, making it the easiest way to work with thousands of online retailers without any extra legwork. Modalyst suppliers earn 20% more profit margins on each dropshipping item sold as compared to wholesale products.
Optimized technology
Modalyst streamlines technical processes like product data feeds, inventory updates across all reseller accounts, and order and inventory management. Rich product pages and brand profiles bring your apparel, jewelry, or accessories to life with high zoom, items specs, and video.
Superior Automation
Our automated product feeds keep buyers updated automatically with new product alerts, inventory level notifications, price discounts and changes, and tracking numbers so your products are always on the verge of being discovered.
Grow your brand in half the time
Brands gain 20x more marketing exposure and brand awareness through ecommerce retailers reselling their products. Dropshipping is the best way to promote your niche products and brand. Increasing the number of ecommerce stores selling your product lines also increases your brand equity and SEO performance. Suppliers love Modalyst's dropship program for how it can catapult brands in not a lot of time.
Diversified inventory
Upload once and ecommerce retailers easily add your quality products to their storefront including product images, descriptions, pricing, and inventory counts – all automated in real-time.
Manage retailers with ease
Increase your brand awareness and exposure globally as ecommerce retailers easily add dropship products to their storefront with one click. Modalyst's automation tool syncs the product data feeds, enabling online stores to start reselling your products in an instant. Manage thousands of ecommerce retailers like a pro, including orders and payment processing, and all in one place. The easiest way for suppliers to operate their supply chain.
Gain exposure to thousands of ecommerce retailers.
With Modalyst, 90% of brands gain new ecommerce stockists every single week.
Thousands of retailers and suppliers love Modalyst. Here’s why.
Import Inventory in Seconds
Bulk upload and list on-hand inventory in our open marketplace, where merchants discover new suppliers and add products to their own store in one-click.
Multiple Integrations
Use our app to easily sync your collection to our Shopify marketplace and enjoy complete automation. Manage from your shopify app, and have new sellers featuring your products on the Shopify ecommerce platform.
Easily collect payments
The retailer pays suppliers for products before fulfillment and delivery to the end-consumer, including shipment fees. Brands are notified in real-time as orders are paid-for and ready for shipping. Communicate with retailers about your own delivery times.
Gain Ecommerce Stockists
Gain new stockists reselling your products every week. Modalyst gives suppliers instant access to a network of cool independent retailers at the click of a button. 100% of our different suppliers gain new accounts each month.
Bulk Uploading
Import 1,000s of items--from accessories to video games to consumer electronics--all in an instant, including imagery, descriptions, pricing, and inventory count. Online merchants are automatically updated as any changes take place.
More Marketing Power
More stores selling products = more marketing power. Each store advertises brands to increase their sales. This, in turn, increases brand visibility and customer awareness for suppliers.
Unlimited products and styles
Publish or unpublish as many products as you would like in any product category or niche. Brands are in complete control of the breadth of their own inventory and available products. Have a new style? Add new products to your collections throughout the season. There is no limit to how many styles you may include.
Order Management
No more payment processing problems. All suppliers are notified in real-time as orders are paid-for and ready to be shipped. Tracking numbers of packages and delivery times are also communicated to the dropship business in real-time.
Order Integration Tool
Did an online business call you with an order? Easily create this digital order on the go with no manual errors. Then watch as the first order attracts more attention through our Group Buys.
No Commission on Wholesale
Suppliers aren't crushed by the disadvantages of commission on wholesale prices. No need for higher prices, as all payments received go directly to the brand on Wholesale orders.
Customize your brand profile
Design your profile with a bio, imagery, video content, and press manager, or anything about your brand to be seen as the most legitimate supplier - including your lookbook, recent press, design inspiration, and videos. Create a virtual trade show that brings your product lists to life.
Stockist & Referral Manager
Easily invite your sellers to view your collections and place orders. Boost your customer service by including a personal note in the invitation. Prospecting online stores not yet on Modalyst? Suppliers can invite beginners to dropshipping to join and view their collections. Entice new sellers with the pros of dropshipping, like no bulk order or minimum order requirements.
Inbox communication
Communicate directly with thousands of buyers globally – time-zone free. Create long-lasting relationships, address special requests, offer better pricing, fast shipping, or increase your customer service with no downsides.
Unlimited inbound messages
Once the line of communication is open, message merchants as much as you would like. Be upfront and keep your supplier information at the top of their mind.
Unlimited communication
Your stockists are always open for you to communicate with through Modalyst. It's a good idea to keep them updated and informed on good news or logistics. Inform them about new product types or additions to your drop ship offerings.
Following relationships
Did an online store follow you? Great! They are now updated regularly about your brand. Interested in selling to a specific store? Follow them to let them know that you are the right supplier for their product niche.
Social Media Promotion
Let us know about your trade shows and events - we promote our suppliers through our social media channels. We feature the best drop ship suppliers and we like to show them off.
Subscriber’s Brand Introduction
All new brands and suppliers are introduced to the network through our marketing newsletters, blog posts, and through our supplier directory.
  • Shopify App Integration
  • Dropshipping for in-stock inventory
    • no minimum orders
    • no delayed negotiations
  • Payment upfront for all orders
  • Inbox Communication directly with retailers
  • Payments Processing
  • Wholesale platform for bulk-order purchases
Modalyst is a curated platform. All suppliers must submit their collections for approval.
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