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How to Prepare for and Manage Your Dropshipping Returns

As a dropshipping retailer you may consider returned merchandise to be a headache for the supplier, not you. Don’t forget, though, that you are the point of contact for the customers so if they have a poor experience when returning an item, it becomes your headache.

With as much as a third of all purchases made online being returned, it is worth investing time in preventing as many returns as possible but also creating a seamless experience for customers when they happen.

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5 Best Ways To Retain Your Customers Online

Many e-commerce businesses spend the majority of their time focusing on how to find new customers. While user acquisition demands attention, retaining customers is equally (if not more) important for your bottom line. Before we go into how to combat attrition, let’s look at some interesting stats around the value of a new customer vs. an existing one and the implications for your business.

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Inventory Management made simple

Inventory Management Made Simple

One of the most common challenges in dropshipping relationships is maintaining accurate inventory levels for all the products available on your site. Every e-commerce entrepreneur’s worst nightmare is selling a product that is no longer available. Such an experience can easily deter a customer from ever purchasing from your site again.

We recognize that keeping up to date with all your suppliers is time consuming and cumbersome. So on Modalyst we have automated the process so our retailers can spend more time selling their products and less on updating inventory levels.

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