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How to Start a Successful T-Shirt Business

Take a look around.

Whether at the mall, in a coffee shop, or strolling down the street, there are probably people everywhere wearing T-shirts. As a basic clothing item, it’s safe to say that nearly every person on the planet owns at least one t-shirt. In developed countries, it’s probably more like 30.

Regardless, the point is that tshirts are a popular item. People love them, they are easy to source, and they are highly customizable. All of this makes them a great item to sell in an ecommerce store.

However, because of this, there is a lot of competition. So for people who want to learn how to start an online t-shirt business, here’s a tip. You have to do more than just open a Shopify store and wait for customers.

Check out these effective tips for starting a t-shirt business, and making it successful.

Use an Ecommerce Platform For Your Online T-Shirt Business

Your online website is very important to your long term success.

You need to have a nicely designed, professional website to attract customers. No one wants to buy from a website that they don’t trust.

Fortunately, there are many great ecommerce platforms to choose from.

With $30 a month you can get a site up and start making money. Shopify has tons of free themes that will make you look professional without spending a ton of cash. It’s also easy enough to use that you can customize the site to your brand, manage inventory, and run your website without expensive designers and webmasters.

Read our article here about the best e-commerce website for clothing companies.

Source High Quality Products

People regularly get cheapy T-shirts for free that they don’t really want to wear.

For example, companies looking to promote themselves will often give out low-quality, inexpensive T-shirts with their name plastered all over them.

These are the shirts that people use for doing yard work or when they want to repaint their house.

An ecommerce store is selling clothing with unique t-shirt designs on them that people actually want to buy and wear out in public. This means that the shirts need to be made of quality materials.

Look for fabrics that won’t fade or have their colors run after a couple of washes, comfortable material that breathes well and isn’t itchy, and a shape that comfortably fits and flatters the body. Yes, that means investing in flattering fits for women as well unless the chosen niche largely appeals to men only.

Choosing the right product goes a long way towards building the brand’s reputation, fostering brand loyalty, and driving sales from repeat customers.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

What makes people buy a T-shirt?

Typically they’re not making a fashion statement. They’re either looking for a comfortable piece of basic clothing or they love the design on it.

Perhaps it makes a statement they want to promote, depicts a video game character they love, or simply has an eye-catching design that they love.

Regardless, while quality and comfort are important for repeat customers, the design is what will make people buy the first time. If a store sells the same designs as everyone else, it will be much harder to stand out from the pack.

So…create unique designs!

There are many websites that will help you bring your t shirt design ideas to life. Both Shopify and Wix have apps for this purpose.

There are also inexpensive Photoshop templates entrepreneurs can use to put their designs on a model and improve the overall quality of their product photos. This is a hugely important part of the sale funnel as 75% of online shoppers rely on the product photo when making their buying choices.

The templates are easy to use. Some basic Photoshop skills are necessary but don’t worry about being a Photoshop guru.

Of course, many people don’t feel confident in their design skills. Entrepreneurs can try collaborating with a graphic designer who can help translate your shirt mockup into a fleshed out design. Alternatively, consider contacting freelance designers on sites like Upwork or Fiverrr to help create designs inexpensively.

Test Your Designs

Armed with a handful of designs, many people might think they’re ready.

We highly recommend seeking feedback before printing up a bunch of T-shirts.

Watermark the images so they can’t be stolen and post them on online forums or an online discussion platform like Reddit. There are plenty of people who will be happy to give their opinion on the designs.

We recommend that entrepreneurs put on their rhino skin before reading them and be open to constructive criticism. A benefit of this approach is the potential to gain a few interested customers before the store even opens.

Don’t forget to reach out to professional design consultants as well. Professionals can give unbiased feedback on how the designs will print and the look of the final product. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs who’ve never printed T-shirts before.

Choose a Niche

A helpful strategy for success is to focus on a niche store for your online t-shirt business.

Selling T-shirts online with any and all types of designs to appeal to a wide range of people can work. However, it will be more work and the business will require a lot more time and effort going into marketing.

Choosing a niche for the t-shirt business brings things down to a manageable space, especially when the store is just starting out. The sky is the limit here. Try to find a niche that few other companies are selling, as that would be ideal. Less competition means easier sales and the marketing bill will be much cheaper.

Don’t be afraid to carefully research this part before opening the store. The right niche could literally make or break a business. So, spend some time browsing other stores to see what’s available and shape ideas.

Finding a gap in the available products is a gold mine for entrepreneurs. All they have to do is position their store to fill it.

Build a Strong Brand Image

Lastly, it is vital that entrepreneurs focus on building a strong brand image. Customers these days love getting to know a brand and are more likely to buy items from a company that resonates with them.

Building a brand and presenting it uniformly across all platforms increases revenue by about 23%. An eCommerce T-shirt store might never get to be as recognizable as Coca-Cola or Nike, but that doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs shouldn’t focus on creating that recognition.

Use consistent imaging, colors, wording, fonts, etc across all marketing channels. This presents the brand uniformly and begins to foster recognition among loyal customers. Who knows? Done right, an eCommerce store could become the next Amazon for T-shirts.

Being active on social media also helps with this. Millennials, in particular, love to be able to interact with the companies they buy from. It’s also a great way for entrepreneurs to learn what their customers love and get feedback on what they can improve.

Additionally, customize the content as much as possible. A whopping 82% of customers feel more positive about a brand after reading this type of content.

Strong branding also fosters a sense of loyalty. Businesses with strong brands enjoy more brand loyalty and repeat customers. This is important as 65% of a company’s business comes from its current customers. 

A well-thought-out brand image also helps to show the store’s cohesiveness and professionalism. A chaotic brand image can make customers doubt they will receive their packages on time or even that they’ll receive the right product. This can scare off customers before the store ever has a chance to impress them with their actual products and services.

Top 5 Untapped Dropshipping Categories to Sell

What dropshipping categories should I sell in my store?

[UPDATED] It is one of the most popular questions new entrepreneurs ask about dropshipping.

You may be tempted to add products from as many different categories as you can, with the thought that a bigger variety leads to more sales. In reality, though, not every category is a “hit” with consumers. On top of that, a chaotic range of product lines can cause buyer confusion and lost revenue.

How do the successful dropshipping stores sweep audiences from the internet? How do they avoid low-performing categories? If you haven’t figured it out yet, these businesses are constantly researching the top product categories to drop ship. Get the idea?

Unless you’re as big as Amazon, it’s better to avoid the smorgasbord strategy. You’ll have a greater chance of success if you source products from the top dropshipping categories of 2022.

At Modalyst, tens of thousands of store owners are using our platform to add products to their online businesses, which gives an opportunity to identify popular trends. Recently, we pulled some data and found the following product categories are on the rise:

  1. Womens Clothing & Accessories
  2. Home & Garden
  3. Beauty & Health
  4. Jewelry
  5. Sports & Entertainment

Womens Clothing & Accessories

This category has managed to perform better than any other in the last 12 months.

There are several niches that fall under Womens Clothing & Accessories, including those that don’t have a high demand – such as jumpsuits and jeans.

That said, we’ve spotted and listed three winners for this and all other categories. The following items steal the show in the Womens Clothing & Accessories category.

Intimates & Lingerie

The most interesting finding is that this niche is seemingly recession-proof. How is that possible? 

According to Edited, “during a recession, underwear is an inexpensive treat and to the consumer can feel more justified and ‘necessary’ than buying into a specific garment trend.”

Intimates & Lingerie had the highest sell-through of any niche in any category in 2019, and it’s on pace to do it again this year. Remarkably, this was true across price points, with luxe lingerie experiencing the highest sell-through across all price segments.

Here are examples of some of the Intimates on Modalyst that perform well:

dropship lingerie suppliers


The accessories category is enormous, accounting for nearly 20% of the entire apparel market.

It’s also growing at an incredible pace. So far this year, the entire market has 4% more product retailing than the prior year.

This niche is large and varied, and there is no concise way to describe the products that fall into this bucket.

It’s essentially lots of small items, including jewelry and watches, hair accessories, handbags and purses, hats, sunglasses, belts and scarves, and gloves. It also includes things like statement earrings, which have risen in popularity in 2020 due to the selfie or Instagram effect. Edited describes this as:

“when you’re taking pictures of your face, earrings have a better chance of getting in shot and making a statement about which kind of cool you are. And given the soaring interest in beauty, when influencers are sharing, they’re sharing face. (And ear.)”

Aside from the rising tide of consumer interest we see in statement earrings, the following accessories trends are likely to have staying power for the rest of 2020 and beyond: pearls, animal prints, brooches, and bucket hats.

dropship accessories suppliers


This is a broad niche that continues to perform well year after year.

Based on the runway trends, keep your eye on cargo pants. This particular product is likely to make a resurgence in late 2020, led by luxury brands.

dropship pants suppliers

Home & Garden

There are several factors pointing to huge gains for online stores in the Home & Garden category. Internet Retailer explains that two distinct demographics are driving the demand in this category: boomers and millennials.

Millennials represent an influx of shoppers who will want to transition from a college dorm to an entire house.

According to Helen Jamieson, a millennial trend forecaster who has worked with Trend Bible, millennials will use their homes as a creative outlet. This trend is being supported by the abundant access to imagery of beautifully curated homes and home design through social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

As this group ages, and home decor becomes a part of their personal identity, millennials will represent the highest-spending age group across all Home & Garden products.

Baby Boomers are aging, too, but they’re mostly focused on niche products that make home life easier and more practical.Grab bars, ramps, and walk-in tubs are some examples of the most popular products amongst this demographic.

It’s also true that many boomers are buying second homes and apartments, and are looking for stuff to fill up these new properties. Interestingly, they’re being turned to the brands that millennials love, including the ones they hear about from their kids and see on social media.

Broadly speaking, Home & Garden is the category where you’ll discover items for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, patio, and more. There are several products that will resonate with potential buyers, including some practical picks designed to make people’s lives easier.

Home Décor

This niche has been going strong for years.

It presents consumers with items that add some life and personality to their homes.

dropship home decor suppliers

Hanging/Delectable Garden

According to Digital Third Coast’s latest design trends study, which is based on Google search data from 2004 to 2019, earthy garden items such as terrariums, succulents, and mason jars are all the rage right now in the home & garden category.

dropship home and garden suppliers

Kitchen & Dining

A combination of fun and useful, like the mugs below.

dropship kitchen suppliers

Beauty & Health

The overall business of beauty & health continues to defy gravity.

This product category has been on a tear for the last several years, and remarkably about half the growth is online.

This is remarkable for an inherently “experiential” category.  An interactive in-store experience used to be required to emotionally influence a consumer and shape their perception of the product they’re wearing.

According to Forbes, one of the most significant factors in the growth of sales in beauty products is the attitude of consumers, mostly women, who are actively seeking new brands and finding new products :

 “This is part of a larger generational shift of younger consumers rejecting the large brands their parents preferred and seeking out locally-made, artisanal, natural products in all consumer categories. The need to be Instagrammable at all times also helps.”

Ranking third in top drop shipping categories in each of the past three years is the Beauty & Health category.

This category comprises of niches that are good for your wellbeing. Examples include Massage oils, makeup, skincare, and other similar items.


This niche of products to sell doesn’t include things like surgical instruments and medicine. Instead, it contains popular products like massage oil and muscle recovery pads.

dropship health suppliers


Makeup is more self-explanatory.

Power brushes, eye shadows, lipstick, etc. While this dropshipping niche is exclusive to females, that hasn’t stopped it from occupying the Beauty & Health space in recent years.

dropship beauty suppliers


The niche contains products that boost the appearance of your skin.

However, set realistic expectations rather than wild promises by writing a custom product description if you import this or another similar item in your store.

dropship bath suppliers


Womens Clothing & Accessories might have topped the list of best-performing dropshipping categories, but Jewelry is also enjoying considerable success as a product to dropship.

The category consists of things like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, etc.


Necklaces have been topping the list of niches in the Jewelry category each year. Items within this niche sell online and are especially affordable for retailers. Hence, you can enjoy a good markup on the wholesale price, even if you price the product in the $2-$5 range.

dropship necklaces suppliers


Bracelets like the one you see below are associated with China, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and other Asian countries.

dropship bracelets suppliers


Coming in third place, the Rings category is yet another product that is popular amongst consumers and inexpensive to source for ecommerce websites.

dropship rings suppliers

Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment occupies the fifth place in the list of top-selling product categories.

Almost every household has an individual who needs sports equipment. Additionally, there are plenty of adults who play just for entertainment. No shortage of demand here.

Workout clothes

Coming in first as the top-performing niche in the Sports & Entertainment category, workout clothes include items such as gym tanks, sleeveless cuts, and more.

dropship workout clothing


These are used as fashionable headgear or during physical activity such as running and exercising.

dropship headbands

Basketball shorts

This product niche is also experiencing a rise in demand.

dropship basketball shorts

Other Tips for Choosing a Drop Ship Product Category

Use Google Trends

Our compilation aside, you can use a tool like Google Trends to gauge search volumes for specific different types of products.

It will show you whether a category has a peak month that rises at the same time each year, or is it on an overall rise. We recommend using the range “last 5 years” because that offers a detailed overview of a category’s growth.

Pick A Category You Can Easily Promote

When deciding which category to pick products from, always consider how you’ll promote it.

Do you have good connections with influencers in the Jewelry space? Are you familiar with the Sports and Entertainment market? For existing online stores, is the category something that can be used to up-sell items from other categories to existing visitors?

For instance, if you sell womens clothing and accessories you can increase your AOV by offering necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces after potential buyers add an accessory to their cart.

Pick A Category You’re Personally Interested In

Select a category that you are truly passionate about. The reason for going with your interest is that if you’re working with items you are truly interested in, you’re more likely to have better luck promoting them and reaching your goals over the long period. Plus, you’ll likely have industry connections and access to groups/forums where you can post about the category’s items.

Start Selling Products from Top Dropship Categories Today!

Focus on categories that have a sustainable demand or that you can easily promote.

Get started now rather than later, and experiment with other categories as you go. With Modalyst, you can add products from top product niches in a matter of minutes and start taking orders right away. If you have any questions or require help, get in touch with our support team.

Best Dropshipping Products in 2022

[UPDATED] Want to know what the best dropshipping products to sell online in 2020 will be? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The e-commerce industry is growing at an aggressive rate, making it even more important for online stores to find the best products to sell online. Doing so, will keep you differentiated and ahead of the competition.

A new year is often accompanied by new trends and preferences. What sold like hot cakes in the previous year can suddenly experience a drop in demand in 2022.

But knowing what’s trending and what’s out of fashion doesn’t need to be guesswork. With data from Google Trends and a bit of research, you can discover the best drop shipping products to sell in 2020.

Whether you’re refilling the stock of your existing online store or launching a new one from scratch, these picks will help you generate revenue with minimum marketing spend.

Finding Trending Products to Sell Online

If it were easy to start a successful online business, everybody in the world would be billionaires.

We understand those Youtube ads where a talking head tells you they made $100,000 in a month might make eCommerce seem like a piece of cake. While they’re telling the truth about their success, these ads aren’t telling you all that goes into the process.

Namely, those drop shipping gurus are experts at product selection and have a defined process that ensures they’re buying and selling at a substantial profit.

As an ecommerce novice, you can’t create that process out of thin air. You need a starting point—which is what we’re offering below, firstly with different places you can find the right products for your online store:

Look in the Mirror

You’re an entrepreneur, so you probably have some pretty great product ideas. It’s always worth investigating something you’ve already thought of before desperately scouring the internet for that one magic product idea.

It’s wise to consider particular products, niches, and industries in which you and your friends are interested. After that, brainstorm any potential pain points or inconveniences you experience in your own life.

Look to Your Surroundings

The answers you seek may lie in your local community. Meaning, you don’t necessarily need to embark on an epic journey to Middle Earth or – even worse – the dark web to find your product.

You can visit local brick-and-mortar establishments and assess trends. Therein might lie a ground-breaking product idea that you can take into the eCommerce space. Take a few weekend afternoons to study the newest and most exciting retail concepts and products.

Alternatively, if you aren’t into galavanting around town searching for ideas, local newspapers feature innovative products being developed and sold in your community.

Decide if the local trends could sell in the digital sphere. Some products sell better in physical locations than they do in the digital space – and vice versa.

Adhere to the Experts

Online consumer trend publications will steer your business in the right direction.

Within trend publications are experts whose jobs are to be accurate and discerning about the latest trending products. By reading them, you’ll start getting a sense of consumer inclinations – or in layman’s terms, what’s selling and what isn’t. You’ll also be privy to what other entrepreneurs are bringing to the market.

These publications will also bring to light new product categories and industries you otherwise would have never known.

Trend Watching’s team of 30 professionals throughout London, Singapore, Sydney, and Largos report on a smorgasbord of worldwide trends.

Those seeking a more mainstream trend publication will enjoy Trend Hunter – the largest of its kind.

With a global network of 137,000 members and 3,000,000 fans, Trend Hunter is brimming with inspirational product ideas that might help get your business off the ground.

Turn to the Top Dogs

Reinventing the wheel is virtually impossible.

It always helps to look at what’s worked in the past and working in the present, then use those examples as starting-off points.

Once you have an idea of your preferred market or industry, there are multitudes of online tools, such as Topsy and Followerwonk, that’ll aid in discovering influencers in those spheres.

Leading ecommerce and drop shipping professionals can teach you a lot. By using their example as a template for success, you’ll be in way less over your head than if you try conjuring up a business model from scratch.

From the Mouths of Critics

The truth lies in product reviews blogs. You can find out the ins and outs of any product, market, or industry based on this valuable content.

Reviews will let you know about failures in products, gaps in the market that you could leverage, and the type of people to whom you’ll be selling.

These blogs will also offer a well-rounded look into the newest trends on the market and can provide another source of inspiration.

Uncrate, Outblush, Bless This Stuff, and Cool Material are fantastic sources for product review blogs.

Niche review sites are ideal if you’re considering a product that isn’t mainstream. It’s stellar practice to choose a product that is a proven seller but has low competition. Niche blogs act as a conduit to finding those types of products.

Social Curation is Your Key

The following two social curation sites have built-in social signals that can offer an immediate sense of a product’s popularity: Pinterest contains 100s of thousands of images that contain exciting new products. There are 50 million users and a dedicated ‘popular’ section that shows trending items.

Fancy is equal parts store, magazine, and wish list. It’ll offer you a strong sense of new trends that’ll give you great product ideas.

Reddit is Your Realest Product Source

Other than being the largest social media news aggregator, Reddit is ostensibly the most powerful digital platform. There’s a reason the online powerhouse is known as the front page of the internet.

Within Reddit, there are thousands of subreddits offering a window into virtually any niche topic you can imagine – making them one of the best places to find product ideas.

No matter the industry or product niche, it’ll be on a subreddit.

Don’t believe us? Just search, and we guarantee you’ll find a subreddit for the most obscure products you could imagine. Then, you’ll know if there could be a viable interest. Since Reddit is interactive, you can engage directly with your target market to gain further market insights.

Evaluating which Trending Products to Sell

When choosing the right products to sell, you must evaluate the market and the product itself.

First, let’s look at the pros and cons and what to consider when assessing the market:

The Size of Your Playing Field

You must initially hypothesize the market size for your product.

Start by using common sense. Running shoes for males between 18-25 are going to have a large market with high demand. Whereas, a tracksuit catered to 40-50-year-old plumbers with an active lifestyle is too much of a niche for your business to make waves.

The Stiffness of Competition

Are you selling a product with no competition?

Well, that’s likely due to the product not being attractive to consumers.

Conversely, if the market is too saturated, despite the product probably being a great seller, the competition will make it difficult to get a strong foothold in the market. In this instance, you must find a way to set your product apart with creative branding to find any success.

The safest strategy is choosing a product that has a few successful competitors and is on the rise. Though, playing it safe doesn’t guarantee success.

The Shelf-Life for Selling

Under any circumstances, avoid getting caught up in a product fad.

The returns will be very short-term because the demand will die out quicker than you can say ‘why me?’

It’s possible to capitalize on a fad if you buy in and out at precisely the right times – but those are tricky waters to navigate since the lifespan of a fad is highly unpredictable.

A trend is akin to a fad’s more charming and reliable brother. While trends do have a shelf-life, they grow and decline at a far steadier rate than fads and are, thereby, far more lucrative. Trends can develop into long-term stable markets, but much like fads, it’s tough to predict.

When looking to limit ups-and-downs, selling a product that exists in a stable market could work – which has undeniable lasting power and does not fluctuate.

This fact does mean, however, that the market is unlikely to grow, so your success will hit a ceiling.

Lastly, there are growing markets that show steady improvement and an ability to cause a long-term market shift.

The Convenience Factor

How easy is it for your consumers to get the trending products you intend on selling?

Is purchasing a simple matter of heading down to the local strip mall? Then it might not be the best product choice. On the other hand, if a product isn’t easy to find, people are far more likely to search for it online.

The Customer Psyche

Get a good feel for the type of customer that your product appeals to, including knowing their online shopping proclivities.

For instance, selling to teens comes with the obstacle of your target not having a credit card to make an online purchase. Whereas, selling to baby boomers means your target customer will be technology-averse and generally won’t purchase online.

In the case of catering to teenagers, you may benefit from directing your marketing efforts towards their parents, as they’ll make the purchasing decisions. With baby boomers, positioning your product as a gift might work. This way, your advertising would appeal to the children of boomers, who’d purchase your product for their parents.

Now, we’ll take a look at product evaluation:

Markup Can Make You Crazy

You’ll be amazed at the mountainous list of fees that render each sale bereft of profit.

As such, sufficiently marking up your product is a must before trying to sell, especially right off the bat. You’ll need to offset those selling fees on top of the other costs associated with getting your business off the ground.

Click here for an example of the fees you might be stuck with when selling a product. It’ll give you a good idea of why some eCommerce businesses mark products up nearly 1,200% to generate a reasonable profit.

The Selling Price Sweet Spot

The sweet spot for eCommerce pricing is estimated to be around $75-$150.

You won’t need to move tons of product to generate a return, nor will you be stuck with hefty marketing and operation costs.

When a product is too inexpensive, you’ll have to sell an enormous number of units to turn a profit. Then, there’ll be mix-ups and issues with customer service due to the volume of sales.

On the other side of the spectrum, expensive products come with extended sales cycles and pickier customers.

Finding the perfect product for the ideal price is vital in being efficient as a dropshipper, where you’re already wearing many hats and need to streamline operations as much as possible.

Subscribing to Success

Turning customers into subscribers is the best way to get continued business. It also automates the selling process which requires less effort and decreases operating costs.

Even if your product isn’t traditionally subscription-based, try to do what Dollar Shave Club did with razors. It could turn into one of the most profitable decisions you make for your business.

Size Does Count

The size and weight of a product can eat directly into your profit margins.

Shoppers won’t settle for anything less than free shipping, and you may have to eat the costs associated with more substantial items.

Decide whether the market demand can offset the size and weight-related costs of your product.

Durable Products Could Mean Enduring Success

Fragile products will cost more in replacements, exchanges, and protective packaging.

While it’s possible to be effective at shipping fragile products, it requires considerable strategy so that it doesn’t devour your profits.

Is Your Product a One Season Quitter?

Seasonal products won’t necessarily sink your business, but they come with more challenges than products that sell year-round.

Ensuring consistent cash flow with seasonal products requires marketing to different countries at different times of the year.

This tactic works very well with winter and summer clothing, as opposed to holiday-based products. Seasons happen differently all over the world, whereas most holidays happen on the same day, regardless of country or continent.

Product Turnover Could Mean Profit Turnover

There are products, like smartphone cases and running shoes, that regularly need new designs to meet the latest demands of the market. Meaning, the older models need to sell before the newer ones hit the market.

Otherwise, there’ll be a massive stockpile of outdated product.

Selling items that need to be refreshed and updated continually is risky, so planning and adhering to a turnover schedule is a must.

Can these Trending Products Grow with Your Dropshipping Business?

Okay, so your ecommerce store is in its infancy. Maybe you’re using Shopify or Wix to get to market quickly. And perhaps you’ve scoured Spocket and Oberlo and even AliExpress to find your initial dropship suppliers. 

Amid all the initial hiccups, planning to scale your business is a tall task.

Regardless, accounting for scalability from the building-block phase of your business will equip you for long-term success.

If you’re selling spices from a local butcher, will the butcher be able to get you enough product to meet an increasingly growing demand? Will you need more employees to handle the increase in sales? How can you know whether your newest dropshippers are trustworthy and able to deliver as advertised?

Those are just a few of the questions you’ll need to consider when evaluating the best drop ship products to add to your online business.

Trending Products to Sell Online

1. Vape cartridge

sell vape products online in 2019

Google Trends confirms that vaping is a growing trend, so it makes sense to sell vape products and accessories.

Vape cartridges are one of the hottest items in this category. Buyers can either use them as an old-fashioned vaporizer or as an eVape pen. Some of them also contain pre-filled liquid of a certain flavor.

Whatever the case, there is certainly a growing community and a lifestyle element you can capitalize on to make sales in this rapidly evolving industry.

Plus, there’s profit to be made as plenty of suppliers will drop ship these for as little as $1.

2. Posture Corrector

sell posture corrector online in 2019

Nowadays, a lot of individuals spend a major portion of their day working at their desks, studying or managing paperwork in a sedentary position.

That makes them look down instead of sitting in an upright position and look forward, which has a negative impact on their postures. Hence, there’s no better time to sell a posture corrector than now.

Google Trends’ data reveals that the demand for these items is on the rise.

You can sell multiple varieties of these including posture correctors that keep the back straight, the ones that place balanced pressure on your trigger points, and more.

3. Stove Cover

sell stove covers online in 2019

Do you dislike removing spilled food particles and grease from a stove?Most people do, which is one of the main reasons why they’re taking out their credit cards for stove covers.

Google Trends, too, reveals a positive sentiment towards this item.

In addition to keeping the inside of a stove clean, stove covers are dishwasher safe and highly reusable. Whoever buys them won’t have to do any scrubbing. For store owners, the best thing about this product is its portability.

The fact that stove covers are quite easy to ship makes them a great drop ship product to add to your store, especially if you’re in the household goods niche.

4. Minimalist Jewelry

sell jewelry online in 2019

There’s a certain demographic that likes owning finer things in life.That’s why minimalist jewelry continues to see a steady rise in demand from around the world.

Becoming popular in the 90s, the first minimalist jewels had Yellow Gold as their color, so most of the production involved Yellow Gold rhodium plates.

Today, this sort of jewelry comes in three forms of gold: White, Red (rose), and Yellow. Each of them has distinct characteristics but follow the basic mantra of “less is more.”

You can promote minimalist jewelry by partnering with lifestyle influencers on Instagram. Etsy and Shopify have a strong network of suppliers and sellers in this category as as well. 

Once you add these types of products to your ecommerce store, use hashtags like #minimalist to help you gain traction among the right audience.

5. WiFi Security Camera

sell security camera online in 2019

Tech trends to be as wireless as it could be in this day and age, and the verdict applies to security monitors too.

No one likes to see a big wire passing their lawn, so an increasing interest in WiFi security cameras isn’t surprising.

Such devices are known to add comfort and convenience in people’s lives, especially when it comes to security.If you’re already promoting security cameras, you might want to include WiFi-equipped models to stay up-to-date with the trends.

Aliexpress has tons of suppliers offering this type of product. We recommend using Oberlo to find different dropship suppliers whose products you can sync to your Shopify store. The eBay marketplace is also a great resource with its dozens of sellers in this dropshipping niche.

If you’re about to launch a new home appliances store, don’t be shy of considering this as your go-to trending item to sell.

6. Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers made waves in early 2015 but there is still a hype that you can capitalize on to make sales online.

One way to beat your competitors to the punch is to source wireless chargers of a higher quality.

As most internet entrepreneurs are selling Chinese wholesaler products, quality is a big concern for the buyer.High-quality wireless chargers will enable users to charge their devices within minutes. Plus, they don’t look ugly.

Overall, the demand for wireless chargers is poised to grow now that Apple has officially integrated wireless charging capability in its newest line of iPhones.

7. Touchscreen Gloves

With winters set to break records, it’s a no brainer to predict that people will be looking for touchscreen gloves to provide safety to their numb, cold fingers.

Because traditional gloves don’t help much when it comes to interacting with a touchscreen, the demand for Touchscreen Gloves has grown.

Google Trends indicates it’s especially high between September and February.

These uniquely manufactured gloves allow people to use their phones without exposing their bare hands to fierce winds.

You can promote these through an unboxing or demonstration video on YouTube. Make one yourself or hire an Instagram influencer for the job.

8. Makeup Travel Bags

These are must-sell hot products for online stores across the world, especially when it’s winter.

The idea behind makeup travel bags is simple – people make a ton of plans for travel and adventure, and most of them take some time to pull off.

During those long journeys, makeup travel bags protect makeup, beauty and health products from the wet weather while withstanding the bumps and knocks of continuous travel.

And, if you search them up on Google Trends, you’ll see that people want to get their hands on them.

Makeup travel bags can be marketed with the help of makeup and fashion bloggers from different social media platforms.

9. Waterproof Pants

For those who love backpacking and traveling to the great outdoors, waterproof pants are more of a necessity than an option.

Google Trends shows that people worldwide are searching for this item. Whether your niche is skiing, camping, backpacking or hiking, these products will make a great addition to your online business.

Marketing waterproof pants should also be easier than marketing other dropshipping items.

You can send a free sample or two to Instagram influencers and ask them to give your store a shout out to get things off the ground.

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Do it today rather than later, and experiment with additional products as you move forward.

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