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How to Make Sure Your Dropshipping Delivery Will Get to Your Buyer Safely

If you’re in the online sales business, you probably know that the future of eCommerce is dropshipping. In fact, the dropshipping market is projected to reach a whopping $476 billion by the end of 2026!

While that’s good news for small businesses and eCommerce hopefuls, it also means competition will likely increase. In other words, customer satisfaction will have to be your priority if you hope to stand out among the dropshipping crowd.

Keep reading to learn more about increasing customer satisfaction by keeping your delivery promises as an eCommerce business.

Dropshipping as the online store solution

As an eCommerce seller, you’re responsible for completing a long list of tasks. But, as you know, the solution to allowing online stores to operate with fewer production costs has been dropshipping.

Some of the best examples of this business model include Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. What’s more, the right dropshipping tools free you of the financial and time-consuming aspects of labeling, shipping, and stocking.

However, not everyone considers that with dropshipping, customer service is still squarely on the seller’s shoulders.

What makes good dropshipping customer service?

If you want your eCommerce business to thrive, customer service will need to be your top priority. As a dropshipping seller, you must maintain good relationships with customers by any means necessary while simultaneously managing suppliers.

Ways to improve your customer service:

  • Keep response times fast: Have you ever waited on a response from customer service reps? If so, you know the frustration can make someone second-guess their purchase. If you want return customers, having a quick response time will help.
  • Invest in a content platform: Juggling marketing, customer service, and an online store is hard. But investing in a content platform can help you stay organized. It also helps you limit the amount of time between orders.
  • Follow up with customers: Want to establish a trusting relationship with your customer base? The best way to entice people to keep buying from you is to reach out. Follow up when the order is being processed, when the order ships, and again after they’ve received their package.
  • Make sure packages get delivered safely: Believe it or not, you’re also responsible for ensuring that packages get delivered safely. Below, we’ll go into more detail about this aspect of dropshipping customer service.

Here are five things you can do to make sure the package delivery process is smoother:

  1. Test shipping times

    We know it’s exciting to start your eCommerce journey. But if you want your orders to arrive without incident, tests and experiments are well worth the opening delay. Testing the ordering, shipping, and delivery process of your own product gives you an inside look into what customers can expect. If one supplier doesn’t fulfill your order on time, keep trying until you find one that’s more reliable. You’ll thank yourself later when your customers aren’t complaining about faulty deliveries.Also, choosing a pre-qualified supplier can help reduce potential fulfillment complications.

  2. Be transparent about shipping times

    The worst thing you can do with your online store is hide expected shipping times. If you have a product that people want, you won’t need to rely on bad messaging. Being transparent about shipping times can help manage expectations. Moreover, when customers have a timeline for the fulfillment, they’ll know when to expect their order and can plan to intercept it.

  3. Be thorough and organized

    When it comes to fulfilling orders in a timely, organized manner, the best thing you can do is be thorough. Some of the biggest time-wasters in shipping are wrong addresses, misspellings, and half-filled forms.Make sure you double-check all information before finalizing orders. Second, don’t be afraid to reach out to customers if something doesn’t look right on their shipping form. They’ll thank you for following up if it means their order arrives safely.

  4. Choose reliable shipping methods

    Depending on which supplier and dropshipping company you partner with, choosing a shipping method may be the best way to control outcomes. If you can choose the final delivery expert, choose a well-known handler like UPS, USPS, or even FedEx. These handlers will know their neighborhood, access a customer’s package locker, and even have real-time delivery updates.While you can’t control all aspects of the final delivery, you can at least rest easier knowing you used a reliable handler.

  5. Take responsibility

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, shipping delays and package loss happens. It’s not the end of the world, but as a top-notch seller, taking responsibility for these mishaps could make all the difference.

Some good ways to make up for unforeseen order issues:

  • – Be open to fixing the issue
  • – Keep communication lines open
  • – Issue refunds when needed
  • – Follow up after resolving an issue
  • – Offer to replace broken or lost itemsUltimately, you must decide what’s more important: saving money or saving your reputation as a dependable seller.


Dropshipping is quickly becoming the best way for eCommerce businesses to sell on a limited budget.
This type of online business is the solution to making it easier for sellers to focus on more critical aspects of selling.
Dropshipping customer services is what will set you apart from competitors.
Five ways to ensure packages arrive safely include testing shipping times, maintaining transparency with customers, keeping addresses organized, choosing a reliable package handler, and issuing refunds when necessary.

Free Shipping on Your Online Store: 4 Benefits Explained

The Benefits of Offering Free Shipping on Your Online Store

In today’s age of growing eCommerce, free shipping has become a competitive necessity for online retailers.

While there are certainly several costs associated with offering free shipping, these may be outweighed by the numerous benefits.

When big companies like Amazon first offered their free shipping model a few years ago, it was difficult for every online merchant, especially smaller ones, to follow suit.

However, with growing sales and customer expectations, free shipping has become more common and more beneficial for businesses than ever before.

1. Free shipping can increase your sales revenue

There is no doubt that offering something for free will be appealing amongst your shoppers.

However, having a free shipping option has also been proven to not only increase revenue and sales conversions but also increase customer acquisition.

As states, 96% of online consumers are more likely to shop on a site if it promises free shipping.

2. Free shipping can boost average order value

Offering free shipping has also been shown to encourage consumers to buy more online.

Shoppers are incentivized to add more to their carts! In fact, statistics show that 28% of online shoppers will abandon their carts completely if faced with unexpected shipping costs.

Source : Kissmetrics

3. Customers love it!

Offering free shipping is directly associated with customer retention.

It not only will help your business acquire new customers but also will incentivize customers to continue buying from your store.

It also serves as a great marketing tool to advertise and promote your business to potential customers.

According to a poll conducted by the National Retail Federation, 66% of online shoppers declared that having free shipping is a very important deciding factor for them when choosing to make an online purchase.

Source : rjmetrics

4. Free shipping helps rationalize shopping online

As consumers, free shipping helps rationalize buying something online versus driving to the store.

If the cost of shipping an item ends up being too expensive, we can simply abandon our carts and drive down the street.

Free Shipping with Modalyst Products

We just launched a new feature for Modalyst Suppliers who would like to join this movement of free shippers.

In addition to all the benefits listed above, offering free shipping on our platform will be a great opportunity for brands to gain traction and even more exposure.

Retailers are now able to filter for “free shipping” products.

Interested in offering Free Shipping on Modalyst?