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7 Amazing and Cheap Ways To Market Your Business

1 minute read

You’ve spent plenty of energy and time into building your e-commerce site. Now, let’s show it to the world!

Unfortunately, the world is not going to come to you if they don’t know you exist. As an e-commerce retailer, you have to be proactive and invite them to shop. So what are some ways to attract and retain customers from day 1? Here are some preparations and strategies you can execute right now.

Have a strong brand story.

Why are you launching your e-commerce store? What makes your business unique? Before launching, write a blurb about who you are, and why people should care about your business. Spread this message in various social media channels before the launch to educate potential customers and get them excited.

Collect e-mail addresses to build a brand following

Before your big launch, collect email addresses from people who are interested in your brand story. These people will be the first to support you. One key place to have a forum for collecting email addresses is on your “coming soon” website. After you launch, nurture your relationship with this group of prospective customers via weekly email newsletters. Once you have a substantial list of prospective customers, you may utilize services that help you organize marketing campaigns like Mailchimp or GetResponse. The cost will climb in proportion to how many subscribers you have – but this is definitely a marketing dollar worth spending on!

Referral programs

If an active customer refers a prospective customer to you, say thank you! Incentivize a customer to recommend your business by offering them a discount or free shipping. In the long term, this practice will grow your customer base and lead to more sales.

Participate in Social Shopping

Having a visible business is half way to building a strong business. Make sure your unique products are listed in social-shopping networks like Wanelo. Wanelo allows consumers to find your products while searching relevant key words. If they like what they find, they’ll recommend it to their friends as well.

Become a Tastemaker

As you mingle with your potential customers in social-shopping networks, consider establishing yourself as a tastemaker. An easy first step to do that is to create Pinterest boards to visualize a strong brand voice. This is an opportunity to explore your inspirations for the store. Your customers are more likely to follow your business if they appreciate your taste. When associated with an attractive story, the value of your merchandise is naturally elevated.

Tell your customers, “I miss you!”

Do you have customers that disappeared after making just one purchase? Remind them about your business, and make them a repeated customer by sending them an “I miss you” email. This email campaign can include a short message about how you appreciated their business, and product recommendations that are similar to the items they bought the first time. A customer is more likely to become a repeated buyer if they think you have products that are relevant to them.

Above are a couple recommendations that are cost-effective and engaging. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “7 Amazing and Cheap Ways To Market Your Business

  1. MODALYST your information is very helpful before opening a online store. Anymore suggestion received in the future will be appreciated ,

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you! So glad to hear you are enjoying our content. If you have any specific subjects you would like us to elaborate on, please let me know and I would be happy to include them on the blog.

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