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Top 10 Free Shipping Tips to Boost Your Dropshipping Business

4 minute read
Top 10 Free Shipping Tips For Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping presents a tremendous opportunity for new businesses to grow their e-commerce portfolios. This order fulfillment method allows companies to make a profit without maintaining inventory and can feature a fully automated online store. But potential doesn’t mean certain.

The success of this business model, just as traditional onsite retail models, isn’t always guaranteed. Businesses looking to jump on the dropshipping bandwagon have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to create a store that can deliver great shipping experiences to their customers.

According to a 2018/19 report by NRF, retailers’ investments in technology, fulfillment, and store experience paid off well and left consumers wanting more. This article covers ten free shipping strategies that can help retailers maximize their growth potential regardless of what your dropshipping products are.  

1. Borrowing a Leaf From Competitors’ Free Shipping Strategies

The presence of stiff competition in dropshipping operations indicates that the selected niche is profitable and sustainable.

Observing what competitor brands are doing on their online stores, blog articles, or social media posts can be a good starting point. For example, businesses can pay close attention to the wording of rival campaigns to see what works for them. 

Keeping abreast of competitors’ strategies can help a business to create free shipping campaigns that drive high conversion rates by capitalizing on any gaps other sellers leave when they’re optimizing their stores for free shipping. 

2. Ordering Own Product Samples

By ordering samples of products that they sell, dropshipping firms can get a first-hand feel or taste of what customers experience. 

This strategy allows businesses to assess the packaging and delivery time used by product suppliers and make relevant changes aimed at improving customer experiences.

Since dropshipping involves implementing free shipping, businesses should evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the service to the buyers. 

3. Choosing a Suitable E-Commerce Platform for Dropshipping

E-commerce platforms play a big role in ensuring the smooth running of a dropshipping business. Although there are many platforms to choose from, some can make it difficult for customers to enjoy the benefit of free shipping service.

Shopify shipping, AliExpress shipping, and Wix shipping services automate freight and tax calculations to make the checkout process a lot faster.

Automation helps to increase transparency in business and gain customers’ trust. Businesses looking to take full advantage of free shipping should set up their store on an e-commerce platform that powers them to grow with their free shipping demands. 

4. Analyzing the Average Shipping Time for Fulfilled Orders

It’s incredibly difficult for dropshipping stores to set expectations about shipping time when they’re clueless about their average product fulfillment time. 

Suppliers don’t often give reliable information on the ship time estimate for a product. But businesses can calculate the typical order processing time and the duration it takes to deliver a product.

A thorough first-hand evaluation of the dropshipping shipping times allows companies to choose appropriate dropshipping delivery methods for efficient free shipping service. 

5. Letting Customers Know the Average Shipping Time 

One of the important factors that U.S. consumers care about is convenience. Businesses can improve shopping experiences by providing tracking information to their customers. They should be clear about the estimated delivery times.

With transparency, it’s possible to disarm refund requests and complaints submitted by unsatisfied customers.  

6. Creating Appealing Free Shipping Campaigns

A time-bound campaign can be more appealing to impulse buyers than one without a time signature. It’ll help to minimize the abandonment of online shopping carts and convince a customer that free shipping may seem like a great idea. 

A dropshipping business can institute a free shipping campaign that has an expiration date to motivate buyers to make purchases. They should inform the target audience about how long the offer will last. 

They can even attach the campaign to a pop-up that appears on the screen when a customer visits their store or checks out.

7. Employing a Unique Yet Effective Free Shipping Model

Free shipping allows dropshipping companies to attract lots of customers since they stand out from other businesses when employed as either a temporary or permanent marketing strategy. 

It can be a major selling point for online stores when implemented properly.

Shipping costs should always be absorbed when setting prices to generate profit. The dropshipping model should take into account the effectiveness of the dropshipping delivery methods in place.

Customers may enjoy the service on all products or selected products only.

8. Informing All Visitors About the Availability of Free Shipping Service

The visibility of free shipping campaigns can be improved by posting the campaigns on product pages and mailing lists. Businesses should ensure the information can be accessed by both new and existing visitors to increase conversion. 

By including head banners on online stores, they can help lead customers to the pages containing free shipping information. 

The end game here is to strengthen a business’ brand while building a loyal customer base. 

9. Prioritizing Free Shipping for First Time Buyers and Loyal Customers

A retail study found that nine in 10 consumers consider free shipping as an incentive for online shopping. Free shipping is an effective marketing tactic for winning over new customers and increasing sales.  

Online retailers can use free shipping to reward loyal customers and generate referrals. They can run free shipping campaigns targeted to first-time buyers or loyal customers to help grow their business. 

10. Targeting Markets With the Best Shipping Options

Free shipping strategies can only be fruitful when aimed at markets with ideal shipping options. 

One way to reach the target audience is by posting ads on platforms such as AdWords and Facebook, which give advertisers insights on where their ads get displayed. 

Businesses can bank on their knowledge of shipping costs and times to create effective free shipping marketing campaigns. Markets with lower shipping prices and faster delivery times should be targeted by the campaigns to improve the product fulfillment satisfaction. 

Free Shipping Tips for a Successful Dropshipping Business

As many businesses ride on the free shipping wave, they should optimize their delivery methods and shipping times/costs to meet customer expectations. Having out a clear-cut strategy on how free shipping service will be used to grow the business is essential. Businesses should always prioritize customer experiences when developing free shipping strategies for their dropshipping operations. When used properly, the above-discussed tactics can help dropshipping stores to set themselves apart from the competition and see sales and profits.

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