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44 Powerful Shopify Apps to Grow Your Sales in 2021

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Best Shopify Apps

For a modern ecommerce enterprise, you need a whole host of necessary tools and techniques to sell competitively online.

Shopify helps online businesses not just with its native platform, but also with a massive armada of tools to help meet your objectives as an online store.

Most of these tools can be found in the Shopify app store. True to form, Shopify continues developing and expanding new ecommerce opportunities for its merchants. 

Source: Shopify App Store

The vast ecosystem of Shopify helps ecommerce stores of various ranges and sizes. There are plenty of Shopify apps that exist that can help you in increasing your sales, however with so many apps present, it can often be tough to figure out which ones will best suit you as a merchant. Let’s dig into the specific Shopify plugins that can help your ecommerce store with regards to the most crucial aspects, including marketing, SEO, dropshipping, and so on. 

What are the Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales in 2021?

Shopify has several apps that help in selling your products, promoting your store, handling inventory, etc. Managing these apps is very user friendly as well. Whether you’re on the go with a mobile device or at home by your desktop, you can add or remove these apps directly from your Shopify admin.

Furthermore, most apps on the Shopify app store have product reviews. These product reviews allow Shopify merchants to make informed decisions about which Shopify plugins to give a shot to. 

Here are the 44 best Shopify apps to supercharge your sales.

  1. Modalyst
  2. Oberlo
  3. Spocket
  4. OptinMonster
  5. TrustPulse
  6. Referral Candy
  8. Mailbot
  9. Metrilo
  10. Conversio
  11. Omnisend
  12. Shoelace
  13. Swell
  14. SEO Manager
  15. Bulk Product Edit
  16. Frequently Bought Together
  17. Lucky Orange
  18. Easyship
  19. Aftership
  20. Catalog Maker
  21. Pre-order Manager
  22. Back in Stock
  23. Printful
  24. Social Photos
  25. Pocket
  26. Instafeed
  27. Facebook Live Chat
  28. One Click Social Login
  29. Wishlist Plus
  30. Modalyst for Suppliers
  31. Klaviyo
  32. Yotpo
  33. Loox
  34. Optimonk
  35. Epic Product Descriptions
  36. Shopify Email
  37. Free Shipping Bar
  38. Smart Search & Instant Search
  39. SixAds
  40. Gorgias
  41. LitExtension
  42. Easy Google Shopping Feed
  43. Growave
  44. Product Reviews

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping


Modalyst Shopify Dropshipping App

Modalyst is one of the most popular and highest rated dropshipping apps that Shopify offers on the app marketplace. With a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating and over 1000 reviews, Modalyst is considered by many the #1 dropshipping app on Shopify.

Modalyst is a dropshipping automation platform for e-commerce websites and online stores. It enables Shopify sellers to automate their dropshipping operations and find the best products to drop ship. This includes curated products listed by top selling brands in the US, with free shipping, as well as an exclusive API connection to the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, where millions of products are available for dropshipping. Modalyst also offers private label and print on demand services for all merchants at no extra costs.

Using the Modalyst dropshipping app, merchants can add various drop ship items to their Shopify stores at the click of a few buttons – much simpler than other options offer. You can also use automation to fulfill your orders directly from your store as well as to keep inventory updated in real-time.

Modalyst does not offer a free trial. Instead, it has a free plan that gives Shopify store owners the ability to start dropshipping for free with 25 products, without any time limit.


A highly efficient Shopify app for dropshipping, Oberlo aids you in launching your business much more easily. It helps you import and dropship your products directly into your store. It always keeps your prices and inventory updated, because of which you don’t have to fret about price fluctuations. 

Oberlo has a tremendously helpful network of Chinese suppliers, who can help you grow your business. Every time you make a sale, you can just ship your products to the customer’s doorstep straight from the warehouse of the supplier.

Oberlo is particularly great for new merchants who are looking for items listed at extreme discounts. The trade off is the long shipping times as most orders are sent directly from warehouses in Asia. 


A powerful equivalent to Oberlo is Spocket. By focusing on the customers in the US and the EU, Spocket sets themselves apart by delivering the orders quicker to these respective customers.  

Since fast shipping is something every customer wants these days, Spocket helps you with its round-the-clock support and branded invoicing, so that your customers can see your brand after receiving the product.

Best Shopify Apps for Marketing


OptinMonster is definitely one of the best Shopify apps you can go for to generate more leads and increase your sales. With an easy integration of your OptinMonster account with Shopify, you won’t have to install code separately. The OptinMonster popup can also be used to automatically apply the discount codes to Shopify carts.

Gathering email addresses and boosting ecommerce conversions becomes much easier with OptinMonster, especially because specific Shopify products, pages, tags, articles, and collections can be targeted by each optin. It runs retargeting campaigns to boost your conversions with the help of OnSite Retargeting, and also integrates with your preferred content management, email marketing, and CRM platforms.


TrustPulse works great for marketing. It shows a small popup notification related to the real-time activities users have performed while on your site. This leads to leveraging social proof and building the trust around your brand. When it comes to purchasing decisions, shoppers usually trust recommendations over advertisements, therefore, this definitely helps to convert first-time visitors into buyers.

Be it for purchases, email signups, or demo registrations, TrustPulse helps with all kinds of real-time event tracking. It employs advanced targeting rules and timing controls to boost your conversion rates. It matches the branding of your site with its many design options, and also provides you the necessary analytics to view the stats you need to see to update your strategies.

Referral Candy

One of the most effective Shopify apps to use in order to give incentives to your customers to refer you to their friends is Referral Candy. For unlimited referrals, you can select the reward of your choice. The system of this app includes referral reminders, automatic reward delivery, and a dashboard to track the referrals as well. Rewards

Loyalty programs can be a huge determining factor as to whether customers stick to a particular brand or not. This is because customers prefer to engage with brands, and also enjoy the personalization and rewards that come with long-time association with brands. Rewards let you offer loyalty programs to your customers on your Shopify store, so that your loyal customers keep purchasing from you. Through this Shopify app, you can issue reward points based on sharing products on social media channels, creating accounts, following your store, and so on.

Although these features are available on a free plan, you can also choose to upgrade through a paid subscription in order to give more rewards to your most important customers. The subscription prices begin at $50 per month.


Mailbot, one of the top Shopify apps, helps you optimize the highly converting process of email marketing. It saves you from the trouble of creating and drafting newsletters each week. Its automated scheduling and email creation automatically develops different types of weekly newsletters. This is based on the initial setup of recommendation rules provided by you, which leads to personalized newsletters for every customer. 

Based on the behavior and interests of customers, Mailbot helps is creating rule-based marketing campaigns. It recovers lost sales by bringing the customers back to what they had kept in their carts earlier and abandoned later. It increases your retention rate and causes more sales from your loyal customers engaging and rewarding them with tailor-made campaigns.


Metrilo is an all-rounder kind of a Shopify app that helps in CRM, email marketing, as well as ecommerce analytics. A quick integration with Shopify gets the app running on your store. It syncs with your historical data and displays all your orders and customers on the system. 

This app provides you with detailed information regarding your visitors and customers. This information includes revenue, orders, contact info, sessions, tagging, filtering, on-site behavior, segmentation, etc. Its behavior tracking feature lets you segment your customers by using one of its 30 pre-set filters. Loyal customers, high spenders, deal hunters; everyone can be identified with Metrilo. 


An app for email marketing automation, Conversio helps with sending email marketing campaigns to your consumers. If you’re at all familiar with Mailchimp, then you know how this app works. With this email marketing app, you can get back in touch with those customers who abandoned your cart perhaps just before checkout. It also lets you take advantage of the integral customer touchpoint that are receipts. You can then customize these receipts and use them to increase your sales.


The omnichannel suite of this marketing automation app lets you develop complex automated marketing workflows. This is done by integrating a variety of channels, ranging from Facebook and Messenger, to WhatsApp, Google retargeting ads, and lots more.

With the help of this plugin, you can make sure that regardless of the customer you’re targeting, your message is always relevant. Email campaign creations are made easy with Omnisend, and you get to customize each and every aspect of your campaigns even without having any prior HTML knowledge. 


As far as retargeting is concerned, Shoelace is the best Shopify ad businesses can use. It creates retargeting ad campaigns for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They educate your shoppers about your brand in a manner such that they feel motivated to come back to you and complete their purchase.

Shoelace is of the opinion that in order to get shoppers to be retargeted, you need to provide them with valuable information about your brand. The app feels this needs to take place at different stages of the buying process for it to be effective.

Rewards and Referrals by Swell

Swell provides business owners with numerous integrations. It provides customers rewards and promotions for writing reviews, creating accounts, referring new customers, making new purchases, and so on. It’s due to these many rewards, brands get to double their business. You can also choose to provide rewards for interactions on social media that come in the form of likes and comments. The app is free for 100 orders every month, after which there are other plans available for you to use on a monthly basis.

Best Shopify Apps for SEO

SEO Manager

In order to increase your sales, you have to make sure that there’s enough traffic coming in to your store. Search engine optimization or SEO is what can be put into action here, and the SEO Manager app takes care of it perfectly. 

Not only is it easy to install, it’s also extremely user-friendly and provides stellar customer support. SEO Manager is equipped with 20 features, and some of them are keyword suggestion, advanced meta settings, titles and description editor, and Google Mobile-friendly test. 

With SEO Manager, you will be able to control the 404 errors. It helps in identifying the broken links and also automates the process of fixing it. It also aids you in giving information about your store to Google in a manner that’s easy for it to understand.

Bulk Product Edit

Bulk Product Edit is one of those must-have apps in case you wish to easily edit several aspects of your numerous products. Since perusing through each and every product is cumbersome, Bulk Product Edit is a very helpful app in this department. It enables you to edit several features of your products, such as the price, inventory, tags, titles, compared-at price, and so on.

Based on the product’s collection, vendor, keywords, tags, product type, and title, you can target the products accordingly. Also, in case you change the prices of your products in the future or conduct regular updates, you can even choose to schedule bulk product edits to happen on a later date.

Best Shopify Apps for Upselling

Frequently Bought Together

This Shopify app analyzes the historical data of your store and accordingly displays the related product bundles on your product page’s widgets. You can either choose to trust the recommended products based on the algorithms, or pick them manually.

This kind of grouping of products leads you to sell more products, increases your general revenue, and also improves the shopping cart value. Offering high-end customer support, Frequently Bought Together gives you a plethora of customization opportunities and a seamless user experience. This app is recommended by over 1000 customers.

Best Shopify Apps for Building and Optimizing a Website

Lucky Orange

Optimizing your website is a great way to boost sales and conversions. It’s said that most of the people who visit your online store don’t end up buying from you. However, if you wish to increase your conversion rate beyond the industry average, you can make use of Lucky Orange. With this Shopify app, you get to see how your visitors behave when they visit your site. You receive accurate insights pertaining to recordings, polls, sales chats, heat maps, etc.

Best Shopify Apps for Shipping, Products, and Inventory


Figuring out the shipping logistics can be tough for any business. While worrying about inventory and sending your orders out is inevitable, you need to have an app that can help you sort out shipping, and Easyship is the Shopify app for that.

A user-friendly app, Easyship helps you select from over 100 different shipping solutions so that you can receive the best possible price and also receive 70% off on shipping costs. Owing to their integration with Shopify, syncing your orders barely takes any time, and you can also download your orders super-quick while also easily printing your labels. 


If you want to track all your shipments from one place, AfterShip is the perfect Shopify app for you in terms of shipping. This provides your customers all the information they need regarding their delivery. With AfterShip, you can generate a tracking page for all your individual shipments. You can also customize this page by including the URL of your store, Instagram photos, as well as your brand logo.

Catalog Maker

A product catalog always helps you to display your product images and boost your sales. However, if you’re not particularly skilled at designing, you might need some help doing it, and this help comes in the form of Catalog Maker.

It allows you to design professional-looking catalogs at a fast speed from your Shopify collections. You can also make use of the drag-and-drop editing feature to develop a catalog using one of the templates of the app. Along with catalogs, it also helps in creating invoices, receipts, product recommendations, and also thank-you notes. 

Pre-Order Manager

With holiday and seasonal email marketing, your customers will want to pre-order some of your products. Using Pre-Order Manager, you can provide them with this option. This also helps you figure out of which of the yet unreleased products are likely to be more successful than the others.

Equipped with a pre-order button for items that are out of stock, this Shopify app lets you take orders in advance from those who visit your store. You can opt to change the setting by location, and also turn pre-orders on and off across the store. 

Back in Stock

It’s surely a bummer when your most popular products are out of stock. However, it doesn’t have to be all disappointing, With the Back in Stock app from Shopify, your customers can sign up to be notified when a particular out of stock product comes back in stock. Once it does, they receive an email notifying them of the same.

This app is also helpful in understanding what are the stock levels of the famous products, so that you can stock them accordingly. The app also has aspects that can be customized as per your needs.


Want a Shopify store without having to warehouse your own products? Printful has got you covered. This Shopify app can help you come up with print-on-demand designs on t-shirts. Along with tees, these designs can also work on mugs, bags, and basically anything where you can get something printed. 

Printful also gives you access to its talented designers who can assist you in coming up with the most gorgeous and attractive designs that your customers just won’t be able to say no to. Once these are ready, all you have to do is take the orders from your store, post which Printful will send them out. You don’t even have to worry about managing your inventory or get shipping labels printed. This is the simplest way to make sales in the most hassle-free manner possible.

Best Shopify Apps for Content

Social Photos

If you want your Instagram to drive more Shopify sales for you, Social Photos is the Shopify app to go for. Not only does this let you feature your customers as social proof, but also provides user-generated content that helps bring in more sales.

Every time a customer posts a photo with your product and tags you, Social Photos collates it into a gallery, and you can then use those photos to sell using direct links, which automatically drives more sales. Best customer photos can be highlighted to motivate new customers to make purchases. This app also allows you to interact with the Instagram photos related to the page they belong. 


Pocket helps you with the curation of personal content. With this app, you can save content faster, and also tag it in order to be able to find it easily later. By saving to Pocket on your computer, you view your saved tags from any device. Available on every smartphone and e-reader, Pocket is integrated with features that lets you keep your collection of your favorite content close to you.

As you browse the web of retailers, Pocket unique content that you can then repurpose in newsletters or social posts to your customers.


A Shopify app that uses the content on your Instagram to bring in more fresh content to your store, Instafeed aids in keeping your store content new and fresh. You can then blend the content on your Insta page with the design of your store. 

This app comes equipped with automatic Instagram feed updates, and also support for images and videos. Lightweight and responsive, a pro version of this app exists as well. Using the pro version, you can tag the products on your posts, filter your posts using hashtags, and then publish the posts on numerous Instagram feeds.

Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service

Facebook Live Chat

Live chats have now become a vital tool to provide quality customer service. Providing live chats affects customer loyalty, sales, and revenue in a positive manner. With its millions and millions of users, Facebook is one of the most lucrative platforms to connect with your target audience.

By using Facebook Messenger on your Shopify site, you’re able to provide your users with accessible customer service. This Shopify app also easily blends in with other social media websites, and comes with a responsive and user-friendly design.

One Click Social Login

Creating an account on any website can seem like a hassle to many users, which is why providing them with a simple account creation process is imperative; because the sooner they create an account, the sooner you will be able to tell them about the various offers and thereby increase your sales. With One Click Social Login, customers can create their accounts on your Shopify store by something as simple as logging in using their social media accounts. 

Of the many accounts supported, some of the major ones include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, and more. You can easily configure the settings using the user-friendly admin panel.

Wishlist Plus

Wishlists allow you to learn more about your customers and then reach out to them to supercharge your sales. With Wishlist Plus, you can find out a lot about the preferences of your customers, and it’s not even required for them to be logged in for you to do that. 

Integrating seamlessly with your Shopify store, this app allows you to keep a track of the items as well as the engagement through a dashboard. Customers can use this app to store their purchases as well as share them with others, if they feel like it.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales Channels

Modalyst for Suppliers

With the retailers’ version of Modalyst, businesses can seamlessly sync their products and increase the chances of their brand being in the limelight. Modalyst’s wide network of stores hunting for dropship products makes it easier for you to gain distribution in a much simpler manner.

The real-time inventory and product sync tool aids in keeping your products updated across all your stores. The features it updates includes descriptions, prices, and inventory. With every dropshipping item that is sold, suppliers get to earn at a higher margin when compared to wholesale. 

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