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20 Ways to Get Your First Dropshipping Sale with Modalyst

7 minute read
20 ways to get your first dropshipping sale


20 Ways to Get Your First Dropshipping Sale with Modalyst

Are you concerned about getting your first dropshipping sale? Have you just started a dropshipping business using Modalyst?

Then, you’re in luck, because here’s a list of 20 ways to sell your first product: 



The Beauty of Blogging

For one thing, blogging helps foster relationships with your client base. Instead of a faceless entity selling them products, consumers like buying from businesses with whom they share a connection.

Furthermore, blogs are basically steroids for search engine optimization (SEO).

The Excellence of Email Lists

One survey shows 60% of marketers citing a 119% return on their investment (ROI) from email marketing.

So, don’t hesitate to accumulate email addresses before your first sale, place a subscription form on your site and on social media, and offer an incentive for signing up (e.g., 15% off of first purchase).

The Power of PR Stunts

A PR stunt is a bold marketing maneuver that pays significant dividends when expertly executed. However, without a sound strategy, things can go horribly awry.

Most importantly, remaining on message and brand focused keeps your eyes on the prize. A zany publicity stunt means nothing when your audience can’t link the madness to your business.

The Awesomeness of AdWords

Although Google’s ‘AdWords takes years to understand, you can still learn quickly and experience smaller scale success while developing your skills. With AdWords ranking you at the top for search queries, the right product/keyword combination will lead to your first dropshipping sale.

The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Using an affiliate marketer – people advertising your products and sending you web traffic – alleviates some of the responsibilities of running your own business.

For instance, a plumber who reviews tools on YouTube could link your plungers in the description section under the video. When customers click through the link and buy your plunger, the plumber gets a percentage of the sale.

The Ingenuity of Influencers

Imagine your dropshipping model revolves around selling music equipment. A video or written interview with an influencer in the music industry is both a chance for the interviewee to gain exposure, and for you to put forth engaging relevant content.

Aim for niche industry-types who are accessible but have lots of connections, credibility, and will lend credence to your products. Independent artists who’ve had some success but aren’t inaccessible could do wonders for the hypothetical music-based business we discussed.

Lastly, regardless of the industry, influencers with followings that are relevant to your products ensure that when it’s time to plug your products, it won’t fall on deaf ears.

The Savviness of Sponsorships

Sponsoring an event comes down to whether the attendees are your target market, and if the outing itself is a success. So, do your research before reaching sponsorship decisions.

Remember, it’s not enough to have a table, sign, and flyers. Tell a story surrounding your products and make your presence felt at the event. That’s the only way you’ll truly benefit from sponsorships.

The Strength of Samples

Did you know that 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations?

Realistically, there’s only one way to get bloggers, journalists, critics, or entrepreneurs to give your products a chance: send them samples.

It’s not only a thoughtful gift, but it’s a way to land in the good graces of people with considerable sway and a chance to show that you sell quality goods. If an influencer is impressed with your products and plugs your website, your online traffic will increase exponentially.

The Art of Analytics

Google Analytics is 100% free and shows how traffic behaves on your site (e.g., how long visitors stay on pages or where they exit your page). Then, you’ll make the adjustments that might lead to your first dropshipping sale. Usually, changes involve things like web copy, design, and loading times, etc.

The Stupendousness of Surveys

Much like analytics, consumer surveys let you know where you’re going wrong and, in turn, increase profits. Where friends and family hold back, random consumers give it to your straight.

An app like Survey Monkey makes creating surveys a breeze. Do your research and follow the best survey practices that garner insightful answers from a relevant audience.

The Friendliness of Forums

Business-friendly forums, such as Digital Point, provide a place to give industry-related tips, establish yourself as an expert, and convert some customers.

Still, no matter the forum, it’s vital that you’re patient with outright promotion. Focus on fostering relationships and goodwill, so people want to come to you for your products.

The Connectivity of Cross-Promotion

Connect with dropshippers and retailers who aren’t competitive with your business, and cross-promote.

It’s quid pro quo and won’t cost anything.

The Gloriousness of Giveaways

A competently-run company giveaway adds inbound links to your webpage (a boon for SEO), provides another reason to purchase your products, and establishes brand trust because you’re professional enough to run a contest.

Need ideas? Then click here to find some inspiration.

The Nuance of Networking

Making the right connections will lead to your first sale because you’ll meet people interested in what you’re selling.

Beyond that, building industry relationships with non-competitors sharing your target market will offer keen insights and consumer feedback that’ll prove vital to your long-term success.

The Tremendousness of Twitter

There are plenty of examples of successful Twitter marketing, and as a rule, business-related Tweeters turn profits without mentioning their product and simply answer industry-related questions.

Here’s a way to get started: search for a keyword related to your products, (e.g., if you sell baseball equipment, search ‘baseball gloves’) and provide valuable insights that help consumers enjoy those items more.

The Loftiness of LinkedIn

While you won’t make direct dropshipping sales via LinkedIn, the professional hub of the internet offers an array of opportunities with other companies, suppliers, and related websites, etc.  Leveraging these connections could lead to your very first sale.

Look into joining a LinkedIn Group that aligns nicely with your product and see what kind of connections you make.

The Impressiveness of Instagram

Do you sell products that look good on camera while possessing competent photography skills?

Well, proficiency with hashtags and cleverly written captions on Instagram, combined with the aptitudes mentioned above, will put a wealth of eyes on your products.

The Fortuity of Family and Friends

You’re trying to make your first dropshipping sale to get the ball rolling. A lot of the time, you needn’t look further than those within your own circles.

If those closest to you aren’t interested in your products, keep in mind that for every 10 social media advocates, you gain an audience of 6,000. So, ask your tightknit network to share your business’s content on their feed to gain a sizeable audience at virtually no cost to your business.

The Fellowship of Facebook

Facebook remains king, with 68% of Americans still active on the platform.

It’s wise for any business to set up a business page and make regularly scheduled posts on Facebook. It’s not necessarily simple to find an audience organically, so try to interact (or create) Facebook groups, which are prioritized heavily on the platform.

The Glory of Grinding

Struggling to make your first dropshipping sale? Don’t fret – from Oprah to Jeff Bezos, some of the worlds biggest success stories had to start somewhere. Don’t get discouraged if you’re off to a slow start—keep on working hard and smart, follow at least a few of our helpful tips, and the revenue will accumulate faster than you can say ‘Modalyst.’

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